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Walking Alongside Christian Leaders

Vibrant Faith partners with individuals to develop their leadership capacities, and with Christian faith communities to create a culture of spiritual vitality. Calling forth new pathways and possibilities, we help leaders live a bold, consequential faith that allows them to see opportunities and challenges in a whole new way. We help leaders gain clarity around God’s intentions and then assist leaders with developing road maps that harness their energy and assets on the vital few tasks that have the greatest capacity to effect transformational change. Coaching helps leaders:
  • LEARN to live a vibrant faith and vibrant life.
  • BE transformational leaders.
  • CREATE habits that sustain long-term ministry success.
  • DEVELOP road maps to guide their ministries.
  • LIVE out their strengths, passions, and intentions.
  • DO less while doing what really matters.

Coaching leads to creating systems that...


Coaching leads to creating faith community experiences that connect people to each other, creating a web of deep support we refer to as “familying.”


Coaching helps the leader themselves, and in turn creates a culture of people living a bold, consequential faith that’s lived and practiced 24/7/365.


Coaching leads to ministry models that creates opportunity to bless others as people discover, develop and deploy their gifts and passions.


As coaching continues and new ideas are tested and applied, leaders are empowered to be used by God to transform lives and communities. 

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Meet our Partner for Coaching

Jim Ladoux

Jim Ladoux

Partner for Coaching
With a breadth of experience coaching literally ALL kinds of congregations that flows out of his master’s degree in organizational development and strategic planning, Jim is masterful at helping leaders like you and organizations like yours. He’s also one of the most interested listeners you will ever meet. Jim cares deeply about helping your congregation move from the surface to Vibrant Faith. He is the author of “Surface to Soul,” a coaching workbook, and tends that movement on surfacetosoul.org, our coaching website.

For more than 20 years, Jim served congregations as a youth minister, and continues to be a faith shaper in the lives of young people through his local church in Burnsville, MN, where he currently serves on the “culture” task force.  Jim is married with two teenaged boys.