Youth & Family Ministry Certification School

Certification School Participants

Transform your life, your ministry and your congregation by participating in a comprehensive training experience that includes two onsite training events, a series of webinars and Facebook parties and the creation of a ministry plan that will guide your ministry efforts.

Our Youth & Family Certification School changes lives, equips leaders and helps transform congregational settings in effective faith formation practices. As part of this training, you will:

  • Begin the process by participating in a weeklong, face-to-face training experience that meets in unique and fun settings.
  • Follow up the face-to-face training with several weeks of online learning experiences that include commenting on blog posts, participating in monthly Facebook Parties, engaging with webinar presenters, watching slide shows and video clips and receiving personalized coaching support.

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Sept. 24-Oct. 1, 2014
Reunion dates: Mar. 7-9, 2015
Wartburg Theological Seminary
Dubuque, Iowa

Jan. 7-14, 2015
Reunion dates: May 4-6, 2015
Lutherhill, LaGrange TX

What Makes our Youth & Family Ministry Certification School So Successful?

  • We provide a safe Christian community for students that provides networking and support before, during and after the schools.
  • We offer new and innovative approaches to learning that combine solid theological education, the most recent research on faith formation and brain science, and practical tools for planning, promoting and evaluating your ministry efforts.
  • We utilize a variety of teaching methods that honor people’s learning styles to engage students individually and collectively.
  • We assist students with developing a vision for lifelong faith formation that can be practiced everywhere, anytime.
  • We help students develop a comprehensive ministry plan that guides their short-term and long-term ministry efforts.
  • As a Certification School alumni, students gain ongoing access to the latest presentations, webinars and ministry tools to support their personal and professional development and to ensure that the learning and support never ends.

What students are saying about the training

  • I took SO MUCH away from this experience a few highlights being a book list that is a mile long. I can’t wait to get to reading! In addition, I like the 3-2-1 for volunteer recognition; doing less, going deeper; using the MANY resources that are given to us via Surface to Soul for volunteer evaluation and development. (Angie Elder)
  • I got soo much out of our time together it’s hard to break it down but here it goes: doing less, going deeper; utilizing the amazing resources provided; equipping parents to become confident faith leaders in their children’s lives; 3-2-1 for connecting with volunteers; and books upon books upon books! Not to mention the amazing support structure that has developed within our class. (Amanda Stevenson)
  • Oh my goodness, how do I pick just a few of them. I think for me it was the four keys. I will be constantly asking myself how can I incorporate the four keys into the meetings and programs that I am a part of…I want to get to the point that they are just second nature and evident in all that I do. By making the four keys a habit, I can take all the other insights and key messages I heard and better share them with the people around me. (Hilary Jacobson Mehrer)
  • The training was soooo great! Being together as youth director, bouncing ideas off each other and growing in God’s love! One of my biggest things taken away from school is learning that faith is caught not taught. I also love the phrase, “Church is Home and Home is Church.” I’m learning to do less and go deeper. (Kerri Jahnke)
  • I love the questions that were raised, I’m asking myself “How are we equipping young people to reach out to the adults?” (Peder Gulleson)
  • I realized that I have not fully utilized parents in my ministry and I need to do more to equip parents for faith formation. (Casey Welch)

If you are ready to transform your ministry, contact Jim LaDoux at 877-693-7196 or to find out where a certification school is taking place near you.

“This experience has been invaluable! I am so much more focused and directed in my ministry. I have a plan and a guide for implementing that plan, as well as a guide for living my life as an intentional Christian.”

Ariel Williams, Texas