Peer Ministry

Peer Ministry affirms the gifts of young people, connects them to the community and empowers them with the skills needed to become AAA Christians.

If you are interested in starting a Peer Ministry program in your congregation, learn from the best! Vibrant Faith Ministries can help you get started by providing practical models and resources as well connecting you with the National Director of Peer Ministry, Lyle Griner. (

In addition, new versions of the Peer Ministry Manual and the Peer Ministry Travel Guides are now available. These new resources are available in a downloadable PDF format and can be ordered online at

Listening Leadership

  • Leadership: Good Samaritan Style
  • Ask: Questions That Care
  • The Well: Learning to Listen
  • Spirit Nudges: Nonverbal Understanding

Helping Leadership

  • Decisions: Thou Shall Not Should
  • Journey: Choices, Changes and Challenges
  • Well Aware: Community Aware
  • Plan: Mission and Purpose

Welcoming Leadership

  • Inviting: I Have To Tell You
  • Welcome: Surprising Hospitality
  • Hurt: Welcoming when Un-Welcomed
  • Open: Big Doors

To schedule a Full Circle Triple-A Training or Peer Ministry Training, please contact:

Lyle Griner

Products That Enhance Peer Ministry Training