Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Social Media Coaching

This service is for those who have attended VFM’s Social Media congregational training, and would like to strategize and implement their next steps. Coaching will help clients discern which social media platforms their congregants use, assist with creating and identifying social media content, and create a social media management strategy.

Coaching comes in 30 and 90 day packages:

  • 30 Day – Four 60-minute sessions (via phone or Google+ hangout) plus email support
  • 90 Day – Four 60-minute sessions (via phone or Google+ hangout) and eight 30 minute sessions (via phone or Google+ hangout) plus email support

Vibrant Faith Ministries offers Social Media Congregational Training!

  • Does using social media really make an impact?
  • Do you have a Facebook page for your congregation that isn’t being used?
  • What’s a Tweet?

If you have asked yourself these questions, our training is for you!

What you will learn

  1. Learn the results of Anna’s review of your congregations current social media efforts and receive a customized training.
  2. Learn tools that streamline the time you invest in social media. (Employees already have too much on their plates. After this training, you will know how to divide and conquer between staff and volunteers!)
  3. Learn why and how to engage with your members on Facebook and Twitter. (It doesn’t help to have these accounts and not use them. It’s called ‘Social Media’ for just that reason… it’s meant to be social and fun!)
  4. Learn how to promote awareness of social media efforts.


Vibrant Faith Ministries provides online training via webinars as well as half-day or full-day on-site training. Both options allow for live hands-on training for your staff and volunteers.

  • Session One: 60-minutes webinar Topic: Social media overview and Facebook
  • Session Two: 60-minute webinar Topic: Twitter and Pinterest
  • Session Three: 60-minute webinar Topic: Social Media Management tools

The above topics will be customized to your congregation.

Your members ARE on Pinterest and Instagram.

Your members RECEIVE their information from Facebook and Twitter.

Your members WANT to connect with the church using Social Media!

Vibrant Faith Ministries’ Commitment:

  • We provide customized research on each congregation’s current social media efforts before training begins
  • We provide customized training for each congregation during the training
  • We provide virtual “side-by-side” social media learning
  • We provide email support during and after training

Congregation’s Commitment:

  • The congregation will identify several staff members and volunteers to attend training/ webinars
  • One staff member or volunteer will serve as a liaison between Vibrant Faith Ministries and the congregation.
  • Two computers with Internet must be available – one for the training/webinar and one to implement what is taught

For more information, please contact Anna Rendell at or 952-405-7300.