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Our world today is driven by things digital. We believe this is actually an asset in ministry. The ability to learn new skills, hone competencies, and share ideas is compounded by an incredible level of access. When it comes to training and education, a well executed online learning experience can be deeply valuable. You’ll hear use use terms like digital interview, digital dialogues, and online retreats.

We offer a variety of single and multi-session webinars, online courses, and online retreat programs centered around our core competencies at Vibrant Faith. Our “stand alone” offerings address topics that are pertinent to cutting edge efforts in ministry today, tapping not just our own knowledge and expertise, but also reaching into the field and bringing many other experts and practitioners into the mix. We also offer participants the opportunity to “go deeper” by engaging in an extended online learning experience designed to enhance the training programs described here.

3 Types of Online Learning Experiences for 2015

In a creative digital interview format, we’ll explore the landscape of the future of faith formation as our society turns more and more digitized, customized, and networked.
In this series, we’ll feature an experienced practitioner in the field of faith formation, ask them to share their experiences, and invite you into conversation and dialogue with them.
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We’re seeking to understand how faith communities can align themselves with God’s activity in the world. Join a conversation around an idea one of us here at Vibrant Faith is exploring.

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