1-Day Skills for Coaching Ministry Leaders

— May 16, 2023 | $995 —

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1-Day Skills for Coaching Ministry Leaders

— November 1st, 2022 | $995 —

The one-day coaching intensive is designed to help leaders use coaching principles and practices to accelerate learning and transformation in people’s lives and ministries. The course will provide leaders with the skills and tools to frame conversations in ways that lead to new awareness, new actions, and new learnings.

Participants will learn what coaching is and isn’t, how to set appropriate norms and expectations for coaching, and how to facilitate coaching conversations that address what’s most important in people’s lives.

This training will also address the differences between coaching individuals, groups, and organizations. Participants will have the opportunity to be coaches, clients, and observers during one or more of the sessions.


  1. Access to 8 training videos to prepare you for the event
  2. Access to 4 recorded audio sessions that address specific coaching situations
  3. A PDF version of Vibrant Faith’s Coaching School Manual
  4. A 32-page booklet of coaching tools to support your coaching efforts
  5. A complimentary 30-minute coaching session to explore the next steps for using your coaching skills
  6. Access to recorded training sessions from the day-long training

This 1-Day Intensive Is For:

  1. Pastors who oversee staff and lead teams
  2. Directors of programs and ministries
  3. Directors of pastoral care.
  4. Volunteer coordinators.
  5. Board chairs and elected leaders




Jim LaDoux is Vibrant Faith’s Director of Coaching Services and lives in Burnsville, MN and is on the Vibrant Faith leadership team since 2003. He currently oversees our coaching program. Jim has been a coach since 1992. He has a Master of Management Arts specializing in organizational development and is a certified PCC (Professional Certified Coach) in Training. Jim has been part of church staff for Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian congregations. In his spare time, Jim likes to travel, go hiking, and biking.


Denise Utter splits her time living in Chicago, IL and Union Pier, MI. She is a freelance consultant, writer, and a speaker—she’s been coaching with Vibrant Faith since 2018. She has worked in ministry and education for 30 years, and her work in parish and diocesan ministries inform her work today. She loves to inspire parish and diocesan leaders to reimagine faith formation, put families at the center of faith, and provide innovative approaches to faith formation. She invites leaders to view the formation of parents from the perspective of calling.

Denise obtained her B.S. in Secondary Education – English and Special Education (Eastern Illinois University) and her Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (Catholic Theological Union). She enjoys traveling, hiking, kayaking, reading, and spending time with her husband and three adult children.



Dr. Felix Villanueva lives in Gig Harbor, WA. He has been coaching for 24 years. He serves many roles in coaching as a Mentor Coach with International Coach Federation, the Director Vibrant Faith’s Coaching School, and as a Fellow Coach with BetterUp Coaching. Felix has also served in ministry as a US Navy Chaplain (1982-2003), a Hospice Chaplain (2003-2005), a Senior Minister at UCC La Mesa, CA (2005-2010), and in the UCC Southern California Nevada Conference (2010-2021). Felix retired from active church ministry in 2021.

His certifications include:
Master Certification in Coaching (MCC), International Coaching Federation (ICF), Harrison Assessment Debriefer, DISC Assessment Debriefer, Doctorate in Organizational Leadership (EdD), Argosy University, Los Angeles, CA, Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling, Princeton Theological Seminary, NJ, Master Degree in Divinity, Seminario Evangelico de Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR, Bachelor Degree in Biology, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR

— Training Schedule —

SESSION 1 (10:00 – 11:20)

Essential Elements In Every Great Coaching Conversation
  • Welcome and introductions.
  • Coaching demonstration (Jim coaches a participant).
  • What coaching is and isn’t (definitions & descriptions).
  • Using the overarching and ongoing agreements to guide conversations.
  • 3 keys for great coaching conversations (safety, process, focus).
  • 5 tips and 3 tools for facilitating an impactful conversation.
  • Share takeaways, learnings and questions from Session 1.

SESSION 2 (11:30 – 12:50)

The Art of Asking Powerful Questions
  • Using questions to clarify outcomes, scope and sequence.
  • Using questions to evoke new awareness and possibilities.
  • Using questions to challenge norms and assumptions.
  • Using questions to prioritize next steps.
  • Using questions to build accountability and support.
  • Building your library of powerful questions.
  • Sharing takeaways and next steps from today’s sessions.

Lunch Break (12:50 – 1:30)

Participants will be given portions of a coaching manual to read before the training. Additional audio and videos will be available for further learning.

SESSION 3 (1:30 – 3:00)

Coaching Individuals, Groups and Organizations
  • How is coaching groups different than individuals.
  • How are coaching teams different than coaching cohorts.
  • 3 practices that lead to great group coaching.
  • 4 tips for managing groups and maximizing engagement.
  • 3 ways for getting quick feedback from teams.
  • Using questions to surface assumptions, attitudes & actions.

Afternoon Break (3:00 – 3:20)

SESSION 4 (3:20 – 4:45)

Tools to Support Effective Coaching Practices
  • Learn how to establish coaching norms and Expectations.
  • Use coaching to help leaders set, review and celebrate goals. Learn ways to evaluate your coaching impact.
  • Learn ways to promote learning and new awareness between coaching sessions.
  • Discover 10 coaching hacks that dramatically improve your coaching.

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