I’m tired. All the time. I don’t get much work done during the day, so I work til at least 11pm, and then the Boy wakes at 4:30 every morning. And Husby works all day and coaches volleyball every night. And how we have a dog to walk and dishes and a house (and neither has figured out how to clean itself) and church committees and groceries to get and families to see and we just want to sleep.

All this doesn’t leave much room for together time. Honestly, by the time we’re both home together (sometimes at 9:30 or later) all we can handle is leftovers, a couple brainless TV shows, and crawling into bed where we fall asleep in minutes. But we know how important it is to actually be together, doing something that we both enjoy. You know, when we were dating (over 10 years ago now!) all we wanted to do was be together. It didn’t matter what we were actually doing – late-night pancakes at Perkins, watching Tommy Boy for the umpteenth time, listening to a favorite CD and talking – it all felt special because we were together. That in and of itself was a big deal, because we lived 7+ hours apart until three months after we were married. Even now, we like to hang together. We just fit, you know? And we really, truly, love simply being together as a family. But it’s really important that we figure out ways to fit in together time. I think we’ve gone on two official dates since The Boy was born, which was over 9 months ago. That is just not enough!

So tonight, when my sister offered to come over and spend some time with us, we had her feed the Boy supper and we took a quick walk around the neighborhood, to the mailbox. And even in that 10 minutes, it felt like we were able to reconnect a little bit. And later, we actually put a few dates on the calendar and sent out emails for babysitters.

Baby steps, but we’re on our way.


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