A very VIBRANT welcome to our new blogging platform!  Maybe that’s not a big deal to you right now, but we’re hoping that it will become at least intriguing for you.  Really.  We at Vibrant Faith Ministries are more and more aware of the importance and power of relationship in the midst of all the change in living the Christian faith happening all around us.  That’s because that’s what we do.  As a “catalyst for helping churches and Christian communities live a vibrant faith in a dynamic world,” we want to make things happen.  And more than ever before, we want to use this forum as an open door FOR YOU to be able to engage in conversation about the processes that the Spirit uses to form faith.   


And that’s why we want to open even more doors of partnership with you.  We know that many leaders in churches are working harder with fewer and fewer resources and are more and more frustrated with the lack of commitment to Christ and his church than at any time in recent church history.  We’ve learned that a relationship with an organization like ours can make a huge difference, both for you as a leader and for transforming the faith life of your congregation. We’re not meant to do this alone.  Not life in Christ, not leadership, not ministry.  

But beyond that, we believe that God is in the midst of all the change you and I are experiencing—both in our lives, and in the church.  We believe that our creator God is ultimately is a driving force in all change—especially profound change in the way we come together as the people of God.  Yes, that is hard to wrap our brains around or define.  But trusting that God is on the move can change how we look at the very process of change.  

So we at Vibrant Faith Ministries want to open new doors in our relationships with those of you we serve, so that you and we might see the activity of God in the midst of change even more clearly.  This blog is just one way for us to engage in conversation about the best practices in the formation of the Christian faith in today’s world.   We’re going to be unfolding other creative ways of partnering as the year goes on.  But for now, let’s walk together into the new.  

Nancy Going

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