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Leaders must work with people. People have emotions and emotions drive our decision making and our behavior. For a simple explanation of how this happens, check out this short article by clinical psychologist, Dr. Mary Lamia. If you want to lead people effectively, you need to be very aware of not only what your emotions are signaling to you, but also of what is happening emotionally with the individuals and teams you lead.
Emotional Intelligence research exploded in the 1990s and has successfully been used as a reliable predictor of leadership success and of relationship success in general. Much of the 20th century was dominated by a focus on intelligence. IQ was tested extensively to see if it correlated with academic and professional success. While most individuals withhiIQs succeeded academically, not nearly as many succeeded professionally. Something was missing and that something was the emotional assessment tool.EIQ has proven to be a better comprehensive success predictor than IQ and is even more potent when coupled with IQ assessment.Learn more about emotional intelligence and take an emotional intelligence assessment test online. Here’s the link to a very helpful tool.

It will cost you about $12 to get your results and they will include practical recommendations about how to increase your EIQ and become a much more effective and happier leader.

– Jim Merhaut

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