Celebrate with us! Beginning January 1, 2015, we introduced a NEW Vibrant Faith starting with the launch of our new website. Here’s what we’re up to:

1. The driving force and the new focus of our ministry is Action Research. Dr. Roland Martinson has joined us to develop a new research center for “on-the-ground” inquiry that will allow us to partner with ministry leaders and get at what Rollie calls “vexing problems” in the transmission of the Christian faith. We have five Action Research projects with congregations, institutions, and judicatories in the works already. Rollie is being accompanied in our Research Initiative by none other than John Roberto. We are leading with a strong conviction that our new Action Research initiative will become the impulse for the development of important ideas. It will allow us bring the learning from best practices for our time to Christian churches across the U.S.

2. Our interest in the profound changes that technology has brought to the lives of people has been the catalyst for our second new initiative—Digital Strategies. We want to encourage the church to engage the next generation with the power of faith in and through the information and connection channels that are simply second nature to people today. Jared Rendell has joined our team to help churches jump into the digital world with both feet.

3. Much of the heart of the ministry of Vibrant Faith will remain the same—both in initiatives and core ideas. We still believe that familial relationships are the primary arena for the formation of faith. We know that seeing our God as alive and active is what produces vibrant faith. We will continue to use training and coaching to assist leaders and congregations to embed the relational and formational tools that are the results of our research projects into their ministries. We have three wonderful, experienced leaders to drive that work: Leif Kehrwald, Jim LaDoux, and Tom Schwolert.

We are all experiencing new challenges in supporting the conventional congregational systems for forming faith. We believe there is a profound urgency in this work. We are looking to accompany honest, open, curious, hopeful leaders in projects that will allow the processes that form faith to find new forms. We are reshaping our approach with the theological convictions that the Spirit is both moving and doing a new thing in our churches and world.

We invite you to join us in a growing community of the curious and capable as we bring wisdom and impact to bear on the transmission of faith. We look forward to sharing our new selves with you!

How can you get involved?

Here are a few key ways that you can connect with the new Vibrant Faith right now.

Join our new online Community of Curious Leaders.[gap height=”20″]
Register for a Do What Matters! training experience in your area.[gap height=”20″]
Find and follow us on our social media channels[gap height=”20″]

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