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by | Feb 9, 2017 | Digital, Vibrant Faith

Do you remember kindergarten? Just last week I had “Kindergarten Round-up” with my 5-year-old. As we met some of his teachers and walked through the building, my mind was wandering around the classrooms from my childhood. In my mind’s eye, my freckle count increased, my shoelaces came untied, and my hair suddenly looked like it was cut with a salad bowl on top. I’ll ask my mom for a picture and edit the post it if she can find it. What was your kindergarten classroom like?

I was recalling snapshots of my perspective of the room, the world, and the people around me from where I was sitting. As I put the finishing touches on a redesigned experience in Outer Courts, I realized that kindergarten was my first experience of learning in the context of community. Do you remember when, even if only on occasion, your desks were set up in “pods?” There would be three or four desks facing each other as opposed to the traditional straight-lined, forward-facing approach. When you’re in kindergarten it’s cool to be facing your friends. In the world today, its a model that facilitates some of the deepest, most impactful learning experiences we can have.

There are books and papers and speeches and research projects dedicated to exploring different “learning styles.” Are you a visual, auditory, tactile, or kinesthetic learner? Are you concrete, abstract, random, or sequential? Whatever quadrant on whatever assessment you may fall in, when we involve like-minded peers in our learning, a myriad of things increase:

retention through repetition and conversation,

– motivation through shared vision and energy, and

– application through accountability and common goals.

Learning and growing in the context of small, trusted community produces the deepest transformation. Think back on your most impactful learning and development experiences – what made those what they were? 

If you are going to have an impact, now and into the future, you as a leader must continue to do the type of learning that fosters transformation. Leaders who are the most influential have developed an identity as both well-developed leaders and lifelong learners.

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This is why we built two key initiatives at Vibrant Faith in a learning community model. KNOWN: The Youth Ministry Change Project and Outer Courts are designed for leaders who thrive when you’ve got people both learning from you and pouring into you.

Now, if you’re one who realizes the church is built to thrive where people live their lives these days – in both physical and digital space – then Outer Courts is exactly right for you. In 6 months together, we can move the needle on engaging digitally-enabled ministry in your local context, and for the sake of the Church and its leaders. You are who we’re looking for.

Join me for the next Outer Courts cohort. It starts in 1 month. You can learn more and register here, or click on the image below. As always, you can contact me with questions, ideas, or to talk through whether this experience could be right for you or someone in your network.

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