Holy Week Prayers For You

by | Apr 9, 2017 | Featured, Vibrant Faith

You are in our prayers.  Every week, but especially this week.

The Vibrant Faith Team is praying:

  • That you might wonder what God is working in and through you and the events of this week.
  • That the fear and abandonment of Friday might be especially real for you so that the power of resurrection life will be also.
  • That your ministry and faith might always bear the power of life and death for others.
  • That the busy-ness and details of this week might not overwhelm you.
  • That the power of this week might allow you to rest and lead in Jesus.
  • That you might see the dawn new life breaking in to your world this week.
  • That you might see dawn of new life overpowering the forces of evil this week.
  • That the healing power of the Spirit might blow deeply amid any anxiety and fear that your faith community is living.
  • That the transforming power of the Sprit stays long beyond Sunday and deeply changes your church’s mission in the world.
  • That these images from death and life might stir a deep connection to our Lord Jesus who lived both for us.


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