Training Well Matters Part 3 ~ Innovations that Stick

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Featured, Vibrant Faith

So you listened to God and listened to your community. Now what?

If you’ve taken the time to do these two things (really taken a good, hard look), then it’s time to develop some innovations that stick and truly matter in people’s lives.

This is the fun part isn’t it? Coming up with new ideas, creating new pathways for faith formation, and getting excited about doing something different.

Yes it’s fun, but hold on just a second. Before you just start randomly brainstorming, take some time to think about the results you are looking for.

Innovations are meant to take you somewhere that leads to a result.

I know often times working in ministry I would get excited about a new idea; a new study, event, process. I’d get people on board with it, gear up the excitement, put it out there and then deliver the new thing. I would be able to get people excited about the idea and it was always energizing.

But soon the excitement would fade. It didn’t stick, it was short lived and I’d find myself back in the same place of discouragement and starting the whole process again with a new idea. This is not effective.

What was missing is that I didn’t think about the result I was looking for. Without that result in mind my new ideas were, well, just new ideas. But with a result in mind that idea takes on a whole new purpose. I have a picture in mind of where I want to go and the ultimate result. And don’t just think short term, but think long term results.

For example, if you lead a parent class. Is the result you are looking for simply to get some parents to complete a 6 week course? Or are you looking to develop long term, faith nurturing relationships that lead to lifelong faith in parents? This is a more robust result.

Maybe you are looking to boost your youth ministry numbers. Is that really the result you are looking for or are you looking for young people who are growing into disciples whose faith matters every day? Will your innovations lead to that result?

As leaders in faith formation we can’t simply be innovators, we need to innovate that leads to results that matter – like transformed lives.

Can you lead with that kind of energy? Do you want to learn how to innovate with ideas that stick? Our Certificate in CYF Ministry can get you there. I hope you will check it out and join me in one of our fall schools.

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