How we’re going to make digitally engaged churches a reality

by | Jul 23, 2017 | Digital, faith formation, Featured

When was the last vacation you skipped? Ministry leaders are pros at the “stay-cation,” the “on-a-work-trip-and-add-a-stop-at-hotel-pool-cation,” and especially the “on-vacation-except-really-still-on-call-cation.”

Lately, when I’ve taken even a day or two of vacation time it’s been to unpack boxes or tend to the stomach-flu inflicted kids. But, on a whim, my family and I took a small vacation over a couple of days. We saw dear friends and spent some time at a waterpark. As we were driving back, my exhausted family fell asleep. In the quiet (no coincidence here), Jesus just started in rewiring some important things in my head and heart related to how we’re working with you, the on-the-ground leaders, to actually move churches into essential, unavoidable, completely-possible digitally engaged ministryThe divine download that seemed to happen in those next couple of hours while driving was palpable, something I wouldn’t say I experience often, and long for more of it.

Here’s how we’re approaching coaching and equipping digitally engaged ministry.

Getting Started

First things first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page, of the same chapter, of the same book. Getting Started in Digitally Engaged Ministry is a 6 part eCourse designed to set you on a trajectory toward vibrant digital engagement. The course is delivered via email, straight to your inbox over 6 weeks. Each session includes a video, key question, a single assignment, and a bonus tip. If you’re looking for something to bring you or your fellow leaders up to speed, this may be a great first step.

Focusing on One Thing

Often we hear from church leaders something like, “If I could just move forward on this ONE THING, that would make a big difference.” That’s what Focal Point Coaching is designed to do – help you tackle one specific thing. We know coaching works – the research we’ve studied and the impact we’ve seen affirm that. The team is now taking specific questions and issues we’ve heard from leaders and building a focused, actionable coaching engagement consisting of two elements: a short, high-impact downloadable resource, and one hour of coaching for an individual or team.

Embracing the Fundamentals

Maybe you’ve said something like, “My church knows we need to reach people on social media, through websites, and in digital communications, but [fill in the blank]…” If that’s you, taking 6 months to partner with someone to help your congregation navigate the most important basics of digitally-enabled, 21st century ministry may be just right. That’s what Fundamentals in Digitally Engaged Ministry will do. We’ll focus on the basics of creating and curating 3 key platforms for faith formation in digital space.

Laying a Foundation

The best way to make a real movement in your congregation toward impactful digital engagement is with a Foundations in Digitally Engaged Ministry coaching and equipping experience. We coach toward adaptive change that learns from the past but focuses on a shared, preferred future. We equip because there are technical pieces to put in place and learn how to use them well in order to meaningfully move forward.

In the Foundations experience, you’ll not only get a full year of spiritually-focused digital engagement coaching, we’ll also spend the year collaboratively designing 1 of 5 tangible digital plans or platforms, at no additional cost. Read about the 5 options here. For example, one option is to work together to build a brand new website. By itself, that’s a $5000 value. In Foundations coaching, it’s built in and done better, without adding cost to you. Effectively, you get a free new website, as long as we do it together, which is far better anyway.

Extending the Impact

Then, if the experience has been valuable, we’ll keep going with the Extensions in Digitally Engaged Ministry options. Each of these is 6 months long, and can be added on at a lower cost after completing the Foundations experience.


Stop reading here, and click through to the /digital page to get the whole picture. Then, come back here and share your reactions with us. If you are ready to get started, you’ll fill out an inquiry form, and we’ll schedule a conversation to go over details, timelines, and processes – then we’ll dive in.

This is it, folks. This is what we need to do together to make real impact on people’s lives right where they are living them. Alongside adaptive leadership and transforming relationships, digital engagement is a key lever we need to pull, and we need to pull it now. This is not a technology issue, this is a spiritual issue, and we’re going to treat it like one, and we’re going to do it together.

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