Dear Vibrant Faith Friends

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Featured, Leaders, News, Vibrant Faith

Dear Vibrant Faith Friends,

Vibrant Faith has always followed the Spirit into change–changes in God’s world, changes in Christ’s Church. At the same time, we are grateful that we are engaged with the same priorities that have always been in our work–our mission for almost 25 years–vibrant faith in Jesus Christ; faith that is formed in families and familying relationships; faith that is lived deeply and daily.

We are very excited to announce a new development at Vibrant Faith. Our friend and frequent partner over the past six year, John Roberto, will be joining our staff full time beginning September 1. In so doing, John will be merging the work that he has been doing at LifelongFaith Associates into Vibrant Faith’s projects, programs, and services. You will still be able to access his resources at but the new home for his work will be at Vibrant Faith. We look forward to having the gift of John’s visionary energy full time in our midst.

We are also mindful of the witness this move can be for our work with churches. Our friend Mark DeVries at Ministry Architects says “Collaboration is the future of the church,” and we believe that to be spot on true. Collaboration is more important than ever before, but it often means letting go of the structures and programs we have worked so hard to build in order to serve a larger purpose. We are glad for John’s willingness to do just that so that more churches can make adaptive change possible. Who could you begin to collaborate with this fall?

Join us as we partner with churches to generate adaptive change in the formation of faith in Jesus for today’s world. We do that by coaching, training and sharing what we learn from research projects like the The VIsual Faith Project. Check out our staff and our growing team of associates here.  We’d love to collaborate with YOU.

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