Becoming a Vibrant Faith Church

by Oct 4, 2017Featured, Vibrant Faith

Our work will be done when EVERY Christian church is a vibrant faith church.  Are you with us?

You know, the kind of communities of Jesus-followers where people’s very lives and decisions are flowing from their faith in Jesus Christ.

And when all communities of Jesus-followers have rich, deep, Christ-centered “because we’re family” relationships with people in their faith community and their homes.

And when those communities of faith are full of people of all ages who pray together and for one another and for the restoration of the world God created and they expect the Spirit to show up and help them do that work.

Our work will be done when churches and the families who are a part of them are figuring out what God is calling them to do right there in the places that they live and work, and doing it.

Vibrant Faith Churches. Vibrant faith in Jesus Christ lived in community changes everything, and that’s what the churches we work with work are going after. 

When we work with churches, we get to see real changes. Changes like moving from age-segregated to age-integrated discipleship. Changes like helping people develop rich relationships that grow beyond the time that people spend in the church building together. We see churches where people become able to talk about and live out their faith with one another and their neighbors. Churches who have a focused mission to do God’s re-claiming work for their neighbors and their community.

We work with hundreds of churches and ministry leaders each year to help these kinds of changes happen. We do that through our Vibrant Faith coaching, Leading Well for ministry leaders, training events and our Visual Faith project. What that change looks like is different for each church or ministry leader but we thank God that real change happens.

Whether you work with us or are well on the road yourselves, don’t quit till you are a vibrant faith church.

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