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by | Oct 24, 2017 | Featured, Vibrant Faith

Introducing the New Vibrant Faith Institute.

We’ve learned a lot in the past two years about providing online education for leaders in Christian faith formation. We’ve been listening to the experiences and learning needs of leaders in our current courses. We’ve been listening to the experiences of our excellent faculty who teach the courses. So, we decided it was time to design a new format for equipping Christian leaders that responds more effectively to today’s Christian leaders.

We’re excited to announce the 2018 launch of the Vibrant Faith Institute – with our new Foundations Program and Specialized Faith Formation courses. We believe our new format will give you the opportunity to select the programs that best meet your learning needs.

If you are looking to transform your congregation’s approach to faith formation, then our Foundations Program: Faith Formation for the 21st Century is for you. This one-year program will equip you and your leadership team with the knowledge, skills, and practices for designing 21st century faith formation for all ages and generations in your church. The program is taught in three parts:

Part 1. Reimagining Faith Formation for the 21st Century

Part 2. Designing Faith Formation for the 21st Century

Part 3. Leading Faith Formation in the 21st Century.

Each part of the program is ten weeks in length, and a new Foundations Program begins in January, April, and September each year. The tuition for the entire Foundations Program is $750 (books are additional).

If you are looking for the focused knowledge, skills, and practices needed to design and implement  one aspect of lifelong faith formation, then our Specialized Faith Formation Courses are for you. Each course is a self-contained learning program. No prerequisites. Courses include:

  • Intergenerational Faith Formation
  • Family Faith Formation
  • Adult Faith Formation
  • Children and Adolescent Faith Formation
  • Missional Faith Formation
  • Digital Faith Formation

Courses are ten weeks in length, and begin in January, April, and September. The tuition for each course is $250 (books are additional).

Participants who complete the Foundations Program and three Specialized Courses will receive the Certificate in 21st Century Faith Formation from Vibrant Faith to recognize your achievement.

To register for a course and download a copy of the Institute programs go to https://vibrantfaith.org/vfi. 

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