Imagination of Grace:

A Reflection of Calling at Round Hill Community Church

by Katya Kozachuk

     Just imagine.


     You are invited to a dinner in a quaint town that fills that coastal landscapes of Connecticut. A dinner hosted for nine people. And at this dinner, you might not necessarily know any of those nine people or even be in the same age group, but nonetheless, you are invited to share a meal with these nine other people. However, this isn’t just any dinner. It’s a dinner that feeds not only one’s belly but also one’s heart and soul. At Round Hill Community Church in Greenwich, once or twice a month, nine people gather in the parlor to share meals and stories of recently encountered unexpected grace. These dinners are chances for people to dig deep into seeing God’s grace threaded through the daily lives of their community. When those nine people gather to reflect on God’s grace moving in their everyday life, it’s an opportunity to see God’s story being written through their life. These dinners at Round Hill give people the courage to tap into God’s calling for their life and their community.


     Actually, Round Hill is on a voyage exploring the ideas surrounding God’s calling for their church. As a church, they’ve been asking questions that challenge them to think of how God’s presence is moving in their community at every moment of every day. If you’ve ever ventured to the coast of New England, you’ll notice that people aren’t particularity open to the “Christian lingo” that comes with being a Christ follower. Thus, when members at Round Hill started engaging the language of calling, they became more open to experiencing and seeing the living God in their midst. One could say, that understanding calling begins with being open to the idea that God’s grace drenches and moves continually through our daily lives.


     What’s remarkable to witness at Round Hill is the new passion people are experiencing, which is fostering new life in the community. As people are becoming more aware of God’s rhythms in their life, they feel themselves drawn to creating projects, being a part of committees, and planning different events for the community. The churchgoers of Round Hill dare to respond to the things they are feeling drawn to. These things that people are feeling drawn to start as small seeds, but then bloom into things that give life. Things that help them and us discover and rediscover God’s love and grace.


     When people are responding to the things they feel drawn to, it’s not necessarily their profession or career, but something that’s allowing them to tap into a place of imagination. The imagination that gives us the courage to hope that the living God is in our midst, forming us into the people of God. When we allow ourselves to tap into that imagination, we give God space to not only drench us with love but also form us into communities that make the kingdom of God tangible and accessible to all. As Round Hill Community Church continues to voyage on the calling exploration, may we too have the courage to tap into the imagination of grace.

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“One could say, that understanding calling begins with being open to the idea that God’s grace drenches and moves continually through our daily lives.”

Katya Kozachuk

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