Pins of Peace:
The Called People of Sacred Heart

By Katya Kozachuk


     There’s a peculiar, but beautiful thing happening in the corners of Southbury, Connecticut. You’ll see people are walking through the town with identical pins attached to either their favorite cardigan, t-shirt, backpack, blazer, etc. However, these pins are no ordinary pins.
     They are peace pins, and nearly 700 were gifted to people in the community by the Sacred Heart Church. These pins symbolize the reality that there is something other at work in their community and beyond their community. The otherness of the reality that these pins symbolize is that the living God is in our daily grind.
Sacred Heart’s mission with these pins is to cultivate community. A community that is called to be beacons of light and peace in a hurting and broken world. As a community, they’ve noticed that these pins give people, not only an awareness of being able to see God move in their lives but also, it’s given their church members courage to talk about the things they actively see God doing openly.
     Members of Sacred Heart are sharing stories with one another that feature moments of God appearing in their day. It’s like God is grabbing a coffee with them at their favorite local coffee shop or walking with them through the grocery store aisles. These pins are creating a community that is not only aware of God’s presence in their midst—moving with them throughout their day—but also, a community that’s called to participate in the kingdom of God. These God sightings are creating new life and passion because people are eagerly wanting to share and participate in the Kingdom of God. Not only are the adults at Sacred Heart wanting to share, but children actively raise their hands to proclaim the works of God in their lives. This is extraordinary because the kids at Sacred Heart, rarely shared anything about their faith, let alone talk about the living God moving in their midst. The occurrences of children sharing increased after they took a mission’s trip. So, even children participate in the Kingdom of God.
     But what does it mean to be a called community of God that participates in the Kingdom of God? Sacred Heart not only wants to know God within their church community but also make God known beyond the walls of their church. For being aware of God’s presence is to know God’s love. Those who participate in the Kingdom of God join God in making that love known.
      People at Sacred Heart want to make God’s love know because they themselves have been transformed by the love that gives them access to the presence of God. Internally in their life, the work of God is moving, creating, beautifying them into God’s called community. And it is from that place of transformation that they participate with God to make that love and beauty known in the greater part of Southbury. A way they make God’s presence known is through their Steven Ministry. The Heart of Steven Ministry at Sacred Heart is just to go out and be a presence for people who are struggling, grieving, or going through any sort of “heart ship”.
     So, to be called by God is to be present with those who are burdened and broken-hearted. The love and presence of God moves in our daily life and gives us the courage to spread that love and presence by being aware that the living God is in our midst.

“One could say, that understanding calling begins with being open to the idea that God’s grace drenches and moves continually through our daily lives.”

Katya Kozachuk

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