Creating a Culture of Calling

Called to Live Lives of Meaning and Purpose
A Vibrant Faith Initiative 2018-2021

Vibrant Faith is so pleased to announce that we have received a $1.5 million grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. through its Called to Lives of Purpose Initiative. Vibrant Faith is one of 12 organizations around the nation receiving grants to form regional innovation hubs to assist congregations in developing and testing new ministry models for helping Christians discover and claim their callings.

We have just finished the process of recruiting and vetting 24 churches from eight denominations that will be working with us in our innovation hub. Congregation leaders will work with Vibrant Faith C3 Coaches to “create a culture of calling” in the lives of their churches during the next three years.  We are interested in exploring the impact that the critical discipling theme of God’s various callings on our lives will have on the members of these 24 faith communities, the people that they connect with outside their congregations, and on the churches as a whole.

Because of the nature of Vibrant Faith’s long standing organizational commitments to re-create transformative Christian formation, we will be asking our C3 churches to infuse the theological theme of “calling” both intergenerationally and across the generations.

Outcomes of the Creating a Culture of Calling Initiative

Through the Creating a Culture of Vocation Initiative, Vibrant Faith and the 24 participating congregations are working together to produce three major outcomes.

  1.  Congregations will create a congregational culture where formation for vocation is infused into all aspects of church life. We should see evidence of a) calling permeating the life of the community, its ministries, and relationships among people, b) people participating in formation experiences and engaging in telling stories of callings and c) people describing who they are (identity) and how they live in terms of their callings
  2.  Congregations will develop a lifelong approach to discovering callings and nurturing vocation.
  3.  Congregations will nurture calling and vocation with people of diverse religious engagement—those actively engaged in living their faith and participating in the faith community and those who are spiritual but not religious (not involved in a faith community) and those who are unaffiliated religiously.

We look forward to being able to share what we learn.


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