Six Ways to Curate Curiosity

By Jim LaDouxDirector of Coaching Services & Coaching School We underestimate the power of curiosity—it’s the bedrock of learning, imagination, and innovation. Vibrant Faith highlights the primacy of curiosity in our Coaching Schools because it opens ministry leaders up to new insights and opportunities. It creates space for engaging other people’s experiences and helps us more fully understand the …

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Grow With God Through Community

Marshall McLuhan famously said: “The medium is the message.” He meant that the way we learn and grow is at least as important as the content of that learning. I’m an introvert, so a truth that may seem obvious to you has taken time to settle in for me: We are not meant to make this faith journey …

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Living Well as Adaptive Leaders

Living well as Adaptive Leaders necessitates changes in how we approach situations as well as how we think and act. Adaptive leaders THINK differently. They have a scenario mindset. Adaptive Leaders who create plans that are set in concrete will not be able to change quickly enough to adapt to a constantly changing ministry landscape. Leaders …

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Reachable Reconciliation: Baby Steps

By Fred Oduyoye and Rick Lawrence We are not typically “big step” people—real change and growth happens incrementally, through baby steps. And it’s no different in our growth as people who reflect the heart of Jesus by intentionally reaching across our diversities. Yes, a lot has happened in the last year to rivet our attention on injustice and …

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