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2020 Online Schedule (Part 1):

Online Zoom sessions begin August 17
Students meet twice a week for 2 hours each session (1-3pm central)

8/17: What coaching is and isn’t
8/19: Creating safe spaces for sacred conversations
8/24: Developing active listening skills
8/26: Developing your coaching presence
8/31: Asking powerful questions

9/2: Building your toolbox of powerful questions
9/9: Setting coaching norms and expectations
9/14: Practice lab – setting mutual expectations
9/16: Designing action steps and accountability
9/21: Evoking new awareness in coaching conversations
9/23: Facilitating client growth
9/28: Maintaining your coaching presence
9/30: Learning to assess your coaching impact

10/5: Practice lab – evoking new awareness
10/7: Developing direct communication skills
10/12: Helping coachees set goals and track their progress
10/14: Five warning signs in a coaching relationship
10/19: Coaching internal clients (individuals and teams)
10/21: Coaching external clients (individuals and groups)
10/26: Bringing closure to coaching relationships.
10/28: Managing multiple coaching relationships
11/2: Developing your coaching network
11/4: Developing your plan for becoming an ACC credentialed coach

Current Programs 

101: Vibrant Faith Coaching School Core Competencies Course (24 hours) - $600
This asynchronous course provides participants with a solid foundation in which to begin practicing and demonstrating one’s coaching knowledge and skills.  This course offers:
  • An introduction to coaching and an overview of the 8 Core Competencies (8 hours)
  • Powerful Questioning approaches and practices (4 hours)
  • The coaching agreements (2 hours)
  • Getting started as a coach (4 hours)
  • Coaching individuals, teams, cohorts, and congregations (4 hours)
Vibrant Faith Coaching School Training - Part 1 (68 hours: includes all “100" Level Learning Modules) - $3000
This program is designed for participants who have completed 24 hours of asynchronous training and will focus on the developing and demonstration the effective integration of the 8 core competencies into one’s coaching settings. In addition, this course prepares students to pass the Coach Knowledge Assessment exam, and move toward being an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credentialed coach (68 hours: 24 hours of asynchronous training and 44 hours of synchronous training). Part 1 of the Coaching School also includes the asynchronous Coaching School Core Competencies Course. Other synchronous learning modules covered during this training include:
  • 102: Embodying a Coaching Mindset (4 hours)
  • 103: Developing and Demonstrating Ethical Practices as a Coach (4 hours)
  • 104: Active Listening Skills (4 hours)
  • 105: Evoking New Awareness (4 Hours)
  • 106: Facilitating Action Steps, Accountability and Client Growth (4 hours)
  • 107: Practice Labs – Level One (12 hours)
  • 108: Using direct communication to call forth new possibilities (4 hours)
  • 109: Using coaching skills to spark spiritual growth and develop trusting relationships (4 hours)
  • 110: Tips and tools and for taking notes, tracking progress, reflecting on results, and refining coaching skills (4 hours)
111: ICF Coaching Knowledge Assessment (CTA) Exam Preparation Course (90 Minute Zoom Session and downloadable resources) - $100

This training will equip coaches to successfully prepare for taking the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment.  Whether you are going for your ACC, PCC, or MCC, everyone must take ICF’s Coach Knowledge Assessment once to ensure that you understand ICF’s definition of coaching, core competencies, and code of ethics. Participants will take a 90-minute practice test before coming to class. During the online course, participants will receive their scores, along with the correct answers. Students questions concerning the practice test will be addressed during class time. The class will also cover computer set-up for taking the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment, a suggested list of what to review before taking ICF’s Assessment, and best testing techniques. 

Vibrant Faith Coach School 2-Day Training Intensive (20 hours: Includes portions of the “100” Level Learning Modules) - $1000
This program is designed to provide participants  with an overview of the coaching process and to develop and demonstrate basic coaching skills to facilitation powerful coaching conversations and action steps.
Participants be provided with a PDF version of the coach manual and are expected to have read the manual before attending the online or onsite training. Key topics that will be addressed during the training include:
  • Day 1: Embodying a Coaching Mindset (4 hours)
  • Day 1: Developing and Demonstrating Ethical Practices as a Coach (2 hours)
  • Day 1: Active Listening Skills & Practice Labs  (4 hours)
  • Day 2: Evoking New Awareness & Practice Labs (4 Hours)
  • Day 2: Facilitating Action Steps, Accountability and Client Growth (4 hours)
  • Day 2: Tips and tools for managing coaching relationships (2 hours)
Vibrant Faith Coaching Training - Part 2 (68 hours: Includes all “200” Level Learning Modules) - $3000

Coming in 2021

This program further develops the knowledge, skills, and capacities of a coach so that they consistently coach at a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level. Students must have completed Part 1 Training or already be an ACC credentialed coach. This program includes 68 hours of synchronous training and is focused on demonstrating increasing mastery of the 8 core competencies. “200 Level” topics that are emphasized during this course include:

  • 201: Going Deeper with Mastering the 8 Core Competencies (16 hours)
  • 202: Setting, Reviewing and Modifying Coaching Agreements (4 hours)
  • 203: Going Deeper with Creating New Awareness (4 hours)
  • 204: Developing Your Client Base; Expanding Your Coaching Network (2 hours)
  • 205: Going Deeper with Direct Communication (4 hours)
  • 206: Going Deeper With Action and Accountability (4 hours)
  • 207: Using Alternative Coaching Models, Frameworks and Approaches (4 hours)
  • 208: Coaching Clients Through Disruptive Change (4 hours)
  • 209: Coaching Clients Through Conflict (4 hours)
  • 210: Practice Lab – Level Two Individual Coaching Skills (12 hours)
  • 211: Practice Lab - Advanced Group Coaching Skills (8 hours)
301: Group Mentor Coaching - $1000
Mentor Coaching is a powerful way to further develop and refine your coaching skills and competencies. Mentor coaching moves participants toward achieving their personal and professional goals related to coaching. This program will help participants:
  • Build and/or expand their coaching practice
  • Practice incorporating coaching methods and strategies into current settings
  • Gain feedback on their coaching skills
  • Receive coaching from their mentor coach and possibly other participants
  • Develop a plan for continuously developing their coaching skills and coaching practice
Mentor Coaching is a requirement for earn your ACC and PCC designations. It includes 8 hours of group mentor-coaching where everyone coaches as least once. During the 8 hours, when you are not coaching, you benefit by listening to others coach, hear the feedback they receive from the mentor-coach, offer feedback to the coach, and ask questions. You may miss one hour of the group sessions and still fulfill your mentor coaching requirement. Group mentoring is followed up with 3 individual mentor-coaching sessions that are customized to the specific needs of the participant.

Continuing Education Courses (CEUs)

Further develop and refine your coaching skills through participating in one or more of Vibrant Faith’s Continuing Educational events.
Courses are held the second Tuesday of every month starting in January 2021.
401: Introduction to Coaching Individuals, teams, cohorts and congregations (4 hours) - $200

Provide insights into the specific needs and desired outcome of each target audience along with some potential red flags to watch for in each of these unique settings. The course also addresses how each setting requires different approaches to the pre-work and facilitation process.This class is designed to help leaders understand that they can effectively utilize coaching skills to impact their professional and personal settings in a powerful and positive way. Leaders will walk away from this class with practical steps of how to implement coaching in their daily lives and improve their leadership effectiveness.

402: Addressing Common Coaching Scenarios (4 hours) - $200

provides a basic understanding of nine common coaching situations experienced as a coach in a variety of settings. While coaching of each person or group is unique, there are common themes and approaches that provide the coach with a framework from which to craft a coach approach to leadership. Scenarios addressed during this training include coaching people who are: 1) seeking to enhance personal relationships, 2) seeking better health, 3) starting as a new business or non-profit executive, 4) navigating life/career transitions, 5) mired in conflicted situations, 6) seeking to create a personal or professional development plan, 7) seeking to overcome an area of “stuckness” or sabotage in their life.

403: Developing a Strong Personal Foundation for Coaching (4 hours) - $200

Provides the coach with insights, ideas, and a plan for developing concrete steps for growing as a masterful coach. Your facilitator will infuse the conversation with short-video clips from other coaches, share their plans or road map on ways that they are developing themselves, and their coaching business, and help participants identify their next steps as a lifelong learner. Students will be coached, and coach others on how to develop a strong personal foundation for ongoing coaching success.

404: Developing a Plan for Marketing Your Coaching Services (4 hours) - $200

Provides students with insights on branding yourself as a coach, which types of coaching services to provide, a list of the essentials tools needs to promote your services, strategies for raising people’s awareness of your services, and ways to broaden your network of people who could refer others to your for the services you provide.

405: Coaching Tools to Support Masterful Coaching (2 hours) - $200

This class highlights 6 key tools designed to help coaches learn about coachees, gather important information from the client, raise powerful questions, clarify expectations and next steps, and evaluate the coaching experiences.

406: The Supervisor as Coach (4 hours) - $200
This course will explore common issues and ways to apply coaching in areas where there is a specific desired outcome. The outcome may involve constraints such as a timeline, budgetary requirements, change in actions, etc. This elective will include:
  • Exploring key components of effective goals
  • Addressing the apparent conflict of one person being both supervisor and coach
  • Applying the 8 ICF core competencies
  • Developing powerful questions for content-rich coaching
  • Addressing the challenges of the coaching relationship and coaching agreement, as both supervisor and coach; and
  • Building techniques to fortify Action and Accountability.
This course includes case studies, coaching demonstrations, reading assignments and a buddy coach (to be assigned).
407: Marketing Your Coaching Practice (4 hours) - $200
Effective marketing and selling of your coaching services starts with selecting and defining a target market that you are passionate about, developing a clear definition of the type of coaching services you provide, and articulating why you are the best solution to meet your potential clients’ needs. This is critical because when clients look for help, they don’t look for a coach. They look for a solution to solve a specific challenge they are facing. You will work on practical exercises to help you put a stake in the ground regarding how you define your coaching practice.
  • WHOM do you serve?
  • WHAT TYPE of coaching services do you provide?
  • WHY are you the best choice? And WHY should I believe you?
These are also some of the most important and hardest decisions because they require choosing the types of clients you want to attract the most. However, next time someone asks, “What do you do?” you’ll be ready. By clearly defining your coaching practice you will be more effective in:
  • Attracting the clients that are right for you and increasing the likelihood they will choose you for your coaching services.
  • Unifying and focusing your marketing efforts. Defining your coaching practice is the foundation for creating a consistent identity and voice across your marketing materials: your business card, website, social media, brochures, newsletters, blog, etc.
  • Increasing your value as an expert specializing in your clients’ needs.
  • Becoming more articulate and persuasive in selling your services.
  • Making it easy for your clients and fans to refer you to others.
  • Creating a platform for future products and services to build your business.
408: Coaching for Leadership Transformation (4 hours) - $200

This class will look at key aspects of Leadership Transformation, considering first..."What is transformational leadership?" The key aspects of a transformational leader will be covered, as we realize the power of coaching around the transformation of those we lead. Transformational leaders, lead by example inspiring others for the greater good. Those coached by such a leader are empowered having a sense of autonomy. Transformational leaders also equip those they coach to make decisions with confidence. This will be a time to learn more about ourselves and how to best lead those on our team to advance toward common goals.

409: Coaching Small Groups and Life Groups (4 hours) - $200

This class will focus on how coaching can bring new perspective and energy into your group ministry by moving from a teacher/student model to a coaching model.  Participants in this class will take away practices on how to use coaching skills to create effective small groups as well as how you can replicate this in their leaders.

410: Coaching Spiritual Vitality in Congregations (4 hours) - $200

This course addresses ways a coach would help church leaders assess the impact of their faith forming activities and then rethink and reimagine for faith might be formed in the future that includes forming faith at church, at home, online and in the community.

411: Coaching Rich Relationships in Congregations (4 hours) - $200

What do authentic, intergenerational relationships look like?  How might a church create a culture that fosters deep relationships centered around what matters most in their lives. How might a coach help facilitate conversations that don’t result in doing more of what we’ve already done but would instead lead to new understandings and approaches for connecting deeply with others? Using many of the core coaching competencies, and a series of case studies, we’ll explore ways to coach people beyond self-imposed limitations and fall assumptions and into new awareness that lead to life-giving, loving relationships.

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