Cohort Coaching: Intergenerational Leadership

Transforming the Church for all generations
Do you want to explore moving your ministry to a more intergenerational approach?
Are you convinced that the generations in your ministry need to be more connected?


Join a cohort of colleagues as we explore ways to foster intergenerational culture in ministry!


Sometimes, we look at intergenerational ministry as a program of the church, but in reality, it’s about more than that. An intergenerational approach to ministry can transform your whole church, and it takes intergenerationally-focused leadership. From deepening discipleship to increasing community engagement and connection to mission, intergenerational ministry is about leadership and culture, not simply programming. It takes a strong and empowered leader to shift culture – why not begin that journey alongside others with the same goals and passions.

Cohort participants sign up in 6-month segments,
beginning in the Fall or in the Spring of each year.

Are you Interested in becoming part of a Cohort?

 To learn more, contact Melissa Cooper, Project Manager, at 


complete the Inquiry Form and Melissa will contact you.

The Process . . .

Phase 1:  Developing an Intergenerational Lens

In the first six-month segment, we will  evaluate the intergenerational culture of our ministries, explore and apply key principles for intergenerational culture-building, and begin making “tweaks” to move toward an intergenerational approach to ministry. Each month, we’ll focus on a different approach to intergenerational leadership:

Month 1: Multigenerational or Intergenerational?

Month 2: Trends and Trajectories (And how you buck them!)

Month 3: Generational Culture Clashes

Month 4: Developmental Relationships

Month 5: Context, Context, Context

Month 6: Making it Personal and Inviting Others

At the end of this phase, you will develop a list of goals and outcomes and have the tools you need to begin the conversation about moving your ministry toward an intergenerational culture with key stakeholders.


Phase 2:  Building Intergenerational Culture

Those who decide to continue enter Phase 2, a second 6-month process. In Phase 2 we’ll turn our attention toward taking the first major action steps in developing an intergenerational approach to ministry. From gathering and onboarding your team, to looking at key principles in adapting worship and programs to embody intergenerational culture, these sessions will focus on the contextual goals and desired outcomes you identified in Phase 1, and you will begin trying on some key intergenerational practices in your ministry setting to help you move toward those goals.

Month 7: Developing your Team

Month 8: Insipiring Lay Leadership

Month 9: Prioritizing Relationships

Month 10: Transforming Worship/Programs

Month 11: Preaching/Teaching Intergenerationally

Month 12: Broadening the Vision

Each month, the cohort will gather to discuss learnings, share progress and challenges, and offer encouragement along the journey. In addition, Rev. Melissa Cooper will offer a new insight into intergenerational ministry, with a challenge for the month to help move your ministry toward the goal of intergenerational culture. We’ll collaborate throughout the month through the Basecamp platform, allowing continued support and conversation between coaching sessions.

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