Cohort Coaching: Youth Ministry 101

Transforming Faith Formation for Youth
Are you looking to transform your church’s current youth ministry,
or perhaps launch a new one?
Are you convinced that your church could be doing a better job
of forming and nourishing the faith of its youth?


Join a monthly cohort for new youth ministry staff,

volunteers, or anyone who could use a refresher

in how to lead a vibrant youth ministry!


Why are we doing youth ministry in the first place?

Through this unique cohort experience, you’ll develop a theology of transitioning from childhood to adulthood, consider the uniqueness of American adolescence, and explore the power of Christian community to shape faith.  You will develop a vision for your ministry that reflects how faith is actually formed.

Youth ministries cannot thrive or form vibrant faith when the youth ministry doesn’t match up with what the church leadership or parents have in mind. Learn how to ask the right questions and how to get everyone on the same page. Look at what we KNOW about how faith is formed, and reverse engineer the steps to get there.

Relationships are the centerpiece of any ministry. Learn what kind of relationships are transformative, how to build them, and what boundaries youth workers need to set to protect themselves, the ministry, and the teenagers.

Then focus on key organizational pieces, like communications, building a calendar, and keeping mission at the center- all the while developing young people’s own sense of mission and ministry.

Cohort participants sign up for a 6-month program.

Are you Interested in becoming part of a Cohort?

 To learn more, contact Michael Droege, Project Manager, at

OR complete the Inquiry Form and Michael will contact you.

The Process:

Over the course of 6 months, you will develop a foundational framework and organizational tools for 21st Century Faith Forming systems with teenagers.

The Cohort model involves participating in one 60-minute online Zoom session per month, along with on-the-ground homework for 8 months. You will learn from and grow with other youth ministry leaders and our Vibrant Faith guide, Michael Droege.

Below is a preview of the monthly sessions:

Month 1:  Purpose of Youth Ministry

Month 2:  Relationships are Everything

Month 3:  Creating a Vision for Youth Ministry

Month 4:  Communication, Communication, Communication.

Month 5:  Student Leadership Development

Month 6:  Mission and Service

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