Website Design

An ever-fresh design with the training to use it well

As the first look at how your faith community extends welcome to members and visitors, your website matters. It’s time for churches to move to the cutting edge of digital experiences and relationships, and your website is the hub of that presence.

As part of a vibrantfaith/digital coaching experience

The best way to go through a website redesign in alongside a comprehensive, faith formation focused, digitally engaged ministry coaching experience. This is the difference between how we do this and how others do: we’ll design your website with you, not just for you, and that will make all the difference for your ownership and strategic use of your site.

Stand-alone website design, without digitally engaged ministry coaching

If you have a good handle on faith formation, discipleship, and community buidling in your church, in particular how those things play out both in physical gatherings and online, then maybe a stand-alone site design is for you. This is also a great site design option for other faith-based organizations with varied mission and purpose that work alongside the Church and its leaders.

How We Approach Site Design


You know your community and its needs the best. You know its purpose, its voice, and its stories. Together, we’ll get a team in place to help with the strategy and execution of the design process, and make sure we’ve got a plan to train and equip key leaders after the site launches. We design the site together, which increases ownership, creates a better informed design, embeds the right functionality, and increases regular updates, builds in the right strategy and plan going forward.

Faith Formation Focused

We believe digital ministry space is an extension of physical ministry space, and should be designed with the same mission in mind – vibrant faith in Jesus Christ.  Sites we build are not simply marketing and promotion tools, rather they can and should be a faith forming experience.

Wordpress or Squarespace

We use WordPress or Squarespace as the options for design and content management platforms because we believe they are the best optiond for most churches and their leaders in terms of user friendliness, security, flexibility, and good content management. We’ll talk through the differences and decide which is best for your faith community.

What's included in a website design/redesign?

The Team

The first member of the team is you, plus your committee or task force who will help inform the design and strategy during and after launch. From Vibrant Faith, your primary contact and coach will be our Partner for Digital Strategies, Jared Rendell. Vibrant Faith also partners with experienced website creators, like Max Bucholz at Distilled Studio, to do parts of the design itself.


Project Plan

There are 3 basic phases: Planning, Design, and Launch. We’ll meet and communicate using email, conference call, and video conference during the contract period. We’ll set a timeline together at the beginning of the process.


Wordpress or Squarespace

After we choose together which platform to build the site in, the Vibrant Faith team will install and set up a base functionality and theme in WordPress, using our pre-designed theme, or Squarespace, using a chosen starting theme.

Header & Navigation

We’ll set up your header and navigation bar, the most seen content on the site. We’ll work with you to design a navigation experience that makes sense for your faith community.


Every site will be mobile responsive, meaning the site will adjust itself for different devices and screen sizes automatically. We’ll make sure this responsiveness is working properly, and that mobile users will have a great experience on our site. It may very well be the first impression visitors get.


Togther, the first pages we’ll build will be a base set which could including the homepage, contact page, news and updates, about page, staff page, and base ministries page. We’ll use those to act as templates for future content, so its easy for content managers to change content without starting from scratch on a dynamic page design.

  • Vibrant Faith does not host the website or register your domain for you. We’ll assist in hosting setup, but the cost and account ownership lie with the ministry/church.
  • Vibrant Faith will not manage your content on an ongoing basic beyond the contract period. This is your faith community, your site, and your relevant content. (i.e. You won’t email content to us to add to the site for you)

Get started on your new website

Questions? Not sure what the best next steps are?

Contact Jared, our Partner for Digital Strategies

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