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We help you embed Jesus-Centered Faith Practices in the Life of Your Church.

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At Vibrant Faith, we understand the immense challenges faced by churches and ministry leaders in today’s rapidly evolving world. We are passionate about equipping you with the necessary resources and support to inspire transformation among the people in your faith communities.

Vibrant Faith’s innovative resources empower pastors and ministry leaders like yourself to cultivate Jesus-Centered families. We invite you to download samples of each of our resources and experience coactive faith formation.

Our Innovative Resources Are…


Accompaniment in Parent Faith Formation:
We recognize the vital role parents play in the faith formation of their children. That's why accompaniment is a key component of our parent faith formation resources. Our resources provide parents with guidance, insights, and strategies, while also recognizing the crucial role of pastors and ministry leaders as guides and companions in this journey. We equip pastors and ministry leaders with the resources and knowledge to walk alongside parents, offering wisdom, encouragement, and pastoral care as they navigate the challenges and joys of raising children in faith.
Comprehensive and Customizable Solutions:
Our resources support the diverse needs of churches and ministry leaders. Whether you're looking for curricula, training materials, coaching programs, or innovative digital tools. Our solutions are adaptable and customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific context and ministry goals.
Grounded in Research and Experience:
With over 30 years of experience, Vibrant Faith has built a solid foundation of research-based insights and practical knowledge. We stay at the forefront of emerging trends and best practices in faith formation, enabling us to provide you with cutting-edge resources that resonate with today's generations.
Engaging and Interactive Materials:
Gone are the days of passive learning. Our resources leverages and interactive approach that allows participants and group leaders to make co-active discoveries that make faith formation engaging and memorable. From multimedia presentations to experiential activities, our materials spark conversations, encourage exploration, and invite personal reflection, all while fostering deep connections within your community.

Collaborative Community

When you partner with Vibrant Faith, you join a vibrant network of churches and ministry leaders passionate about transforming lives. We facilitate connections, share success stories, and provide ongoing support through coaching, webinars, and peer learning opportunities. Together, we inspire and learn from one another, fueling a collective movement of faith-filled transformation. We want you to experience that firsthand with our resource samples.

You’ll receive fully functional samples of Visual Faith, CallingNow, Following Jesus, and Lives of Meaning and Purpose (link to each resourced) so you can experience the life-changing experiences of relation-building resources.

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We’d love to journey with you as you embed Jesus-Centered Resources in the life of your church.

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