Vibrant faith helps you

Embed Jesus-Centered Faith Practices in the Life of Your Church.

It’s a bold time to be a faithful committed leader.

You’re called to help people be present to God, and to one another. But you need a variety of tools in your faith-formation toolbox to bring about impactful change in the life of your church. And that’s where Vibrant Faith shines: our goal is to help you embed Jesus-centered faith practices in the life of your church.

We’ve seen the fruit in thousands of churches across the country: people are having powerful faith-filled conversations with the people they love in the rhythms of their everyday lives.

Experience Vibrant Faith Firsthand

Ministry leaders like yourself across the country are fueling their calling with Vibrant Faith Training, Coaching, Research, and Resources…Discover how Vibrant Faith’s research backed resources can help foster spiritual conversation and transformation in your ministry.


Online and in-person courses, retreats and events help you incorporate research backed practices into your ministry.


Our experienced ICF-certified coaches help you as a leader identify your strengths and overcome challenges in a whole new way.


Revitalize your ministry with research that illuminates how faith-formation truly happens.


High-quality learning meets hands-on, relational experiences with our faith-formation resources.


  • Our resources adapt to your theological and social context. They are fully editable, and include user, leader, and participant guides; everything you need to unpack and immediately put each resource to use.
  • They are participant-centered: We believe in active discovery- each resource is set up to build and foster community.
  • They move people from where they are to where they want to be. As participants engage with life changing material, they dive deeply into thoughts, prayers, devotions and more that bring them right to the heart of Jesus.