Everyday Reinvention

Explore the Power of
Coaching for Ministry Change

It's a Bold New Time for the Changing Church


It´s a Bold New Time for the Changing Church

You’re determined to change with it, but you don’t want to feel alone as you navigate the uncertainties.

You’re looking for help—a trusted partner who can come alongside you in this time of change.

A coaching relationship will empower you as a leader to make changes in your ministry that give you and your people increased capacity to be present to God and the people in your congregation.


How Do You Get There From Here?

At Vibrant Faith, Everyday Reinvention is about introducing you to coaching, the most effective way to explore and introduce changes that will deeply impact the faith formation of your people.

Not Sure What Coaching Is, or Why it Matters to Your Ministry?

Step into coaching by signing up for our 4-part email course “Everyday Reinvention: The Power of Coaching for Ministry Change. In these videos, we´ll unpack what a coach does and what kind of lasting chang you can expect from a coaching relationship.

What to expect:

How we’ll do it:
Four short course videos arrive by email every other day.

What you’ll learn:
How coaching can bring about transformational change to you ministry.

Who It’s for:
Pastors and ministry leaders ready to make needed changes to their life.

Time Investment:
10-12 minutes every other day for a week.

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We’re unpacking why ministry is different in 2023, exactly what a coach does, and what kind of lasting change you can expect from a coaching relationship.