Focal Point Consulting

Explore your pressing need with a Vibrant Faith Coach so you can move forward

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Are there areas of ministry in which you feel stuck?  Are you looking for some new ideas and approaches that would increase your ministry impact and reach? Would it be helpful to gain insights and perspectives from people who are experts in specific fields of ministry? Do you need help moving an idea from conception to implementation?

Try on a Vibrant Faith Experience.  Get help on YOUR schedule. Get your pressing questions answered by investing just a couple of hours.

What to expect

  • Focal Point Consulting helps leaders go deeper with what matters in ministry and to overcome road blocks or speed bumps the hinder your church’s capacity to move forward.  It provides insights, ideas and approaches related to ministry issues and challenges that most church leaders face. 
  • After purchasing a Focal Point Consulting  resource, you’ll be directed to a landing page where you will 1) download one or more resources, 2) complete a form where you’ll share information about yourself and your ministry  and list specific questions or issues to be addressed during the session and 3) suggest times you’re available for a coaching session.
  • Your Focal Point coach will email you within 24 hours to set up a 60-minute coaching conversation. Sessions can by done by phone or through Zoom videoconferencing.

Focal Point Topics

There are times in ministry when we face challenges and emerging opportunties and we don’t know where to begin and which approaches to use. Vibrant Faith’s Focal Point coaches can help!  Our coaches can help you, your team and your church move forward in a variety of ways.

Click on a few  of our most popular resources:

Have a question? email Jim LaDoux

What do you get for your investment?

  • A focused conversation with an experienced coach around a critical ministry issue.
  • Insights and ideas that allow you to become unstuck and/or move forward  faster.
  • Information about new approaches and practices that help transform your ministry.
  • The opportunity for you and your leaders to learn, brainstorm and re-create your ministries in partnership with a coach.

Additional Details

  • Church leaders can connect with a coach via Zoom video conferencing for by phone.
  • When you purchase a Focal Point Product, you’ll receive one or more resources to download and will be asked to complete a brief form allowing you to share issues, questions, and desired outcomes you have for the consulting session.
  • The coach will tailor the conversation to address your most pressing issues and questions.

Is your church ready for focal point consulting?

Send any questions, alond with some background information about your church or organization to Lim LaDoux, at jladoux@vibrantfaithorg. A coach will contact you to set up an initial phone conversation to talk through the process, goals, and next steps.

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