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These free webinars with the Vibrant Faith Team are designed to offer suggestions for you and your church as we move forward in a time of social distancing. Click on the button below each description to register for each FREE webinar.

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Building a Multiethnic Church

Thu, May 27, 2021 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CDT

Building a Multiethnic Church A Conversation with Dr. Derwin Gray, Founder and Lead Pastor of Transformation Church

Dr. Derwin Gray is a pioneer in both the theology and practice of growing a multiethnic church community. His new book, Building a Multiethnic Church (Thomas Nelson), offers a foundation for nurturing a diverse congregational environment, then provides “scaffolding” for shaping the kind of people who embrace and propagate that environment. Dr. Gray says: “Pastors and leaders ask me, ‘What have you done at Transformation Church for it to become multiethnic, and also one of the fastest-growing churches in America?’ I tell them, ‘That’s the wrong question. Ask who we are first.’ Then ask, ‘How did you become like you are?’ Then ask, ‘What are the practices you implement to build a multiethnic church?’”

Join us for this FREE one-hour conversation with Dr. Gray, hosted and moderated by Vibrant Faith Executive Director Rick Lawrence. Here are the details:
• The Conversation will kick off at Noon Eastern Time on Thursday, May 27, and will last for one hour on Zoom. Once you complete your FREE registration, you’ll get the Zoom link you need to join.
• The Conversation is hosted and moderated, so you’ll be able to ask questions and make comments that are threaded into the dialogue. Your voice matters.
• You’ll get ideas and resources to help you and your church in your own journey toward a multiethnic congregational environment.
• Space is limited, so let others on your ministry team or in your wider ministry community know about this.

We’re looking forward to you joining us on May 27—see you soon!