Coaching // Individual

One-on-one coaching with personal and professional development outcomes.

Be an adaptive leader.

Key Outcomes

  • Broaden your approaches, perspectives and practices as you adapt to mental and ministry maps.
  • Disrupt your environment and move beyond your comfort zones in pursut of better results.
  • Develop a pioneering mindset that embraces new ways of being, thinking and doing.
  • Learn to wonder more often and ask better questions that lead to more creative approaches and outcomes.

What to expect

  • Ongoing dialogue with an experienced Vibrant Faith coach who will be fully present and will listen deeply to your needs, hopes, and questions related your unique challenges and opportunties.
  • To be asked powerful and thought-provoking questions that address the most pressing issues and call forth possibilities that bring out God’s best in you and the ministries you oversee.
  • A deep level of engagement that’s attentive to the Spirit, mindful of your gifts, and leads to innovative actions and approaches to life and ministry.

What is the process like?

  • It’s flexible, uniquely customized to needs and desired outcomes of the person being coached.
  • It’s enlightening and transforming, focused on turning information into insights and ideas and then into new ways of being, doing and thinking.
  • It can last one or two sessions or as long as two or more years.
  • It usually involves an ongoing process of action, reflection and reimagination – a cycle of unending series of experiments, insights and the testing of new assumptions and hypothesis
  • It’s a safe space to try on new approaches and approaches, and play with new perspective and possibilities.

Additional Details

  • Coaching sessions may take place in person, online (via Zoom) for by phone.
  • There is usually some pre-work and post-work between each scheduled session
  • The frequency between coaching sessions may vary based on the ¬†desired outcomes or the timing of related initiatives.

Is your church ready for coaching?

Send any questions, along with some brief information about your church, to Jim Ladoux at A coach will contact you within 48 hours to set up an initial phone conversation to talk through the process, goals, and next steps.

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