Models and Practices

A Culture of Lifelong Faith Formation 
Models and Practices


Innovation Lab Workshops are one-day, interactive workshops designed to help teams create new projects in Christian faith formation. 

Each Innovation Lab focuses on one element of Christian lifelong faith formation—
intergenerational, family, children and youth, adult, missional, or digital—and helps leaders and teams design new strategies, programs, and activities to implement in your congregation.



A Vibrant Faith Innovation Lab Instructor for an on-site workshop

Online support and networking with leadership teams

Online tools and resources

Vibrant Faith Innovation Lab Instructors are national leaders in faith formation with specialized knowledge and skills for their Innovation Labs. Our presenters have years of experience in educating leaders, writing and developing faith formation resources, and speaking at conferences and offer up-to-date practices and insight on faith formation in the 21st Century.


…is to design and implement a new initiative that has the potential of being transformative for your faith community.


The fee for sponsoring an Innovation Lab is $1,500.

This cost covers all of the services listed above: the instructor, online support and networking, and online tools and resources. Travel and housing for the instructor are an additional cost. Each Innovation Lab includes a participant book ($15) that is an additional cost that can be added to the registration fee. Vibrant Faith also prepares a Program Guide that sponsors will need to copy and provide for each participant.

Descriptions of
Innovation Lab Workshops


Digitally Enabled and Connected Faith Formation for All Ages
The Digital Innovation Lab selects and presents the best approaches for integrating digital strategies into faith formation. A digitally enabled approach provides a way to tailor faith formation around the real lives and needs of people of all ages, and to connect church, home, and daily life. Learn how to use digital tools, methods, and resources that are best suited for faith formation with age groups and families. Leadership teams will develop a plan for digitally enabled faith formation, and design and implement new or enhanced programming that utilizes the new digital faith formation resources, and the new digital tools and methods.
Engaging All God's People: Missional Faith Formation

The Missional Faith Formation Lab explores research on the lives and needs of the unaffiliated and uninvolved. Discover models and examples of missional faith formation—outreach, relationship building, and faith experiences—that you can use in your congregation and community. Learn how to design projects and initiatives to connect with the unaffiliated and uninvolved. Discover models and examples of missional pathways for people to consider or reconsider the Christian faith, to encounter Jesus and the Good News, and to live as disciples in a faith community. Learn how to design missional pathways for the people in your community. 

Faith Formation for a New Generation of Children and Adolescents
The New Generation Innovation Lab explores how to develop faith formation that addresses the unique life tasks, needs, interests, and spiritual journeys of children and adolescents—with special attention to the emerging characteristics of the new generation (Gen Z ). Discover how to develop an approach to faith formation that integrates intergenerational relationships and faith experiences, family and parent faith formation, and peer group faith formation. Learn how to incorporate digital methods and approaches into faith formation with the new generation.
Faith Formation for the Seasons of Adulthood
The Adult Faith Formation Innovation Lab guides the leaders in developing a plan that can engage every adult around their interests, concerns, questions, and spiritual and faith journeys; in designing new programming for young adults, midlife adults, mature adults, and/or older adults; and in utilizing digital media and methods to facilitate faith growth. In the 21st century the abundance of high quality digital media and resources for adults and new online and digital tools and technologies makes it possible to provide faith formation for every adult.
Families at the Center of Faith Formation

The Family Innovation Lab is guided by the conviction that families are at the center of Christian faith formation; that parents and the family are the most powerful influence for virtually every child and youth outcome. Discover how to use eight foundational strategies for family faith formation:

  • Discovering God in everyday life
  • Forming faith at home through the life cycle
  • Forming faith through milestones
  • Celebrating seasonal events through the year
  • Encountering God in the Bible through the year
  • Connecting families intergenerationally
  • Developing a strong family life
  • Empowering parents and grandparents as faith formers.

Each leadership team will design and implement one or more strategies to create new or enhanced programming that engages families at  church, at home, and in the community.

Generations Together: Intergenerational Faith Formation
The Intergenerational Innovation Lab explores the theory, research, and principles of intergenerational faith formation; provides examples for becoming intentionally intergenerational in a congregation through caring relationships, celebrating worship and rituals, praying, learning, and serving; and guides the leadership team in designing strategies for becoming more intentionally intergenerational. Discover the faith forming influence of participating in the life of an intergenerational faith community where the faith practices are experienced and learned through relationships and experiences.
Reimagining Faith Formation for the 21st Century
The Reimagining Innovation Lab guides leadership teams in building a lifelong model of faith formation for their church which includes intergenerational faith formation, family and parent faith formation, and life stage faith formation from childhood though adulthood. Discover examples and strategies for lifelong faith formation and build a multi-year plan for faith formaton for all ages and generations. 

Sponsoring an Innovation Lab Workshop

An Innovation Lab can be sponsored by a regional church body (diocese, synod, district, conference, presbytery), by a retreat or conference center,  a regional group of churches, and/or by an educational institution. Innovation Labs can be focused on one Christian denomination or open to churches from a variety denominations.

To sponsor an Innovation Lab:

1.   Select one or more of the Innovation Labs—you can combine programs into a multi-day conference by selecting different topics
2.   Work with Vibrant Faith to set dates for the workshop(s)
3.   Find a central site for the workshop(s) with a good adult meeting space and strong WiFi in the meeting rooms
4.   Manage promotion, registration, and finances
5.   Make copies of the Program Guide to share with participants


To schedule an Innovation Lab Workshop or for more information, please contact John Roberto, Project Coordinator, at jroberto@lifelongfaith.com or 203-232-1129.

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