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The Key to Parent’s Faith Influence – March 8 & 15

The simple fact of parents talking with children about questions of faith—in ordinary ways throughout the week—has a bigger influence on young people’s future faith lives than any other factor. How can church leaders help parents to start and deepen conversations with kids about faith, God, and religion? What simple practices can families bring into their everyday lives to grow in faith together? We’ll explore practical, pastoral strategies for helping parents deepen their own awareness of God’s presence within family life to encourage these small yet transformative conversations with children and teens about what matters most.


Increasing Engagement in Congregations – March 22 & 29

Thriving congregations anticipate and adapt to changing ministry landscapes. Church leaders must help their members and ministry partners understand the rationale for change, create a sense of urgency, and walk alongside leaders and members as they navigate new ways of being and doing church. This course will focus on how to build a guiding coalition that will increase awareness of the church’s opportunities, strengths, and challenges, clarity about the need for change and how the transformation process will unfold, and agency among members.

This course will help participants unleash a culture of creativity and spark a continuous cycle of reinvention that includes: listening deeply to God and others, observing what is and isn’t working in ministry, and what’s present and what’s missing, experimenting with new ways of being the church, and then reflecting on recent results and refocusing efforts based on new learnings.

You’ll get a better understanding of the change process and how to lead in disruptive times.


Leading Faithful Innovation- April 20 & 27


Post-Covid Shifts and the New Normal- May 25 & Jun 1

One of the (few!) positives of COVID was discovering we and our churches could adapt faster than we thought or knew. We simply had to. Most of us had assumed that the changes would be here for a while and then we would go back to normal, to how things were. But we were wrong. Change is the new normal, and it seems to be here to stay. The training many of us had was designed for church in a much more settled and stable world. This workshop will explore ministry in this new-normal. We will explore theological resources as guides—this is not the first time God’s people have adapted to a world in turmoil. And then, alongside that, we will give you some tools, practices, and practical skills to help navigate, adapt, respond and even enjoy this new environment.


Thriving Congregations: Living the Way of Jesus Together- September 13 & 20

The American church is in the middle of a two-decade decline, and the angle of the slide is trending vertical as Gen Z moves fully into young adulthood. By every measure, religious engagement is weakening and a secular/neo-pagan norm is fast gaining traction in the culture. Ministry leaders and religious observers are worried about where this momentum is taking the church, and are scrambling to find solutions. The root cause is a church, like the sheep Jesus compares us to, that has wandered away from “the way of Jesus.” We have edited Him to fit our unexamined expectations and preferences. When this happens, God’s pruning shears come out. In this course we’ll dive into ways the church has subtly edited Jesus, and experience together many practical ways to shift our congregational practices to re-focus on renewal. We’ll explore what living the way of Jesus looks like in our contemporary context.


Hybrid Transformational Leadership – October 8 & 15

We’ll explore an approach to ministry that combines the discipline of spiritual direction with the discipline of coaching. Do you ever feel bogged down by the details and grind of ministry life? Do you long to recover the passion and spirituality that brought you to ministry in the first place? Do you long for a deeper relationship with Jesus and the people in your care? Are you feeling stuck in your leadership or have team members who are stuck? Most church leaders are at least aware of the disciplines of Spiritual Direction and Coaching and have a sense of the transformation they promise. But what are they really? How could spiritual direction and/or coaching help me as a ministry leader? What might they bring to our leadership teams, staff, and lay discipleship ministries? How might we engage these practices to help equip, sustain, and provide for spiritual depth for our leaders? In this course, we will explore the similarities and differences between coaching and spiritual direction and share stories and wisdom as to how they have helped us in our work and life. You will also experience both approaches and engage in group coaching around how you might use these practices in your ministry context.


Enriching Your Congregation’s Faith Soil – November 8 & 15

Tired of wondering if your faith-forming ministry is reaching your people? This class is digging into what we’re discovering in our 4th-Soil Parenting project, a new learning community that Vibrant Faith began leading in 2023 with a group of 20 diverse churches. We have known for almost a generation that our age-segregated, church-focused programs are not helping kids or parents to connect to Jesus in ways that sustain deep faith or regular practices. Led by Dr. Nancy Going, project director for Vibrant Faith’s 4th-Soil Parenting Project, this class will help you learn from our experiments with churches and parents to focus ministry on the 4th Soil–where the seeds are scattered and bear much fruit (Matthew 13).


Emotionally Healthy Spiritual Formation – November 29 & December 6

In a culture where so many feel unsteady, disoriented, even crushed in their relationship with the church and faith in general, the “good news” we’re offering people no longer seems so good. An endless string of scandals, divisiveness, and a perceived lack of compassion make the church feel like an unsafe option for community and faith growth. This is not what Jesus wants for his people. But how can we move toward the kind of environment He did intend? Anglican bishop Todd Hunter is no stranger to betrayal and pain in the church. But there is hope—spiritual formation and discipleship can be healing while simultaneously deepening faith. More than ever, Jesus is who the world needs, and it’s this laser focus that is central to emotionally healthy spiritual formation. We’ll explore pathways out of the rubble of bad religion, and rebuilding faith among a community of sincere believers. By unpacking the purposes of Jesus, we can expose twisted, toxic religion for what it is and embrace the true aims of the gospel. Help your people find the environment of healing and goodness they‘re longing for in a church.

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