Recording & Resources: Below the Surface Live Stream Event


Below the Surface | Reaching the Nones & Dones was held on September 2, 2015. When you purchase this resources pack, you’ll get access to the complete recording and slide presentation from this 2.5 hour event. The recording includes a summary, analysis, and recommendations from a number of recent research projects and books. This would be a great resource for any individual ministry leader, and even more for a team wondering about the deep changes in the landscape of the church in America.


Below the Surface, an in depth conversation on the changing landscape of religion in America was one of our best attended online learning experiences. John Roberto of Vibrant Faith and Lifelong Faith Associates, and Dr. Roland Martinson of Vibrant Faith and Luther Seminary led us through recent research on the sharp rise of “nones” and “dones” and what it means for ministry as people intentionally disconnect from many churches.


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