Building Adaptive Church Leaders


A changing church in a changing world needs adaptive leaders who pay attention to emerging trends shaping society. Participants will learn approaches for equipping current and future leaders with the skills, mindset and mentors needed to lead ongoing transformation within and beyond their churches.

In this session, we’ll address:

  • Ways to grow individual and congregational resiliency
  • The need for reframing our individual and communal identities, and
  • Share strategies to help your leaders embed the 8 key characteristics that define adaptive and anticipatory leadership.


For $99 you will receive: 
Access to a landing page where you will 1) download one or more resources, 2) complete a form where you’ll share information about yourself and your ministry  and list specific questions or issues to be addressed during the session and 3) suggest times you’re available for a coaching session. 4)  A 60 minute conversation to get after YOUR questions with a Vibrant Faith Focal Point Coach.

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