Email Communication for Churches


Email is one of the most impactful ways to connect with the people in your church – both members and visitors. Why? Adults hold their email in the palm of their hand, leave it up on their devices during work hours, and check it more regularly than early any other platform. Coach Jared Rendell will lead you through some of the key concepts for good email communication focused on church communities.

You will learn:
  • When to send emails, how often, and to whom
  • How to increase your open rate and analyze your results
  • How to format your emails to reflect your church brand


For $99 you will receive:
Access to a landing page where you will 1) download one or more resources, 2) complete a form where you’ll share information about yourself and your ministry  and list specific questions or issues to be addressed during the session and 3) suggest times you’re available for a coaching session. 4)  A 60 minute conversation to get after YOUR questions with a Vibrant Faith Focal Point Coach.

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