Facebook Basics for Churches


Facebook is a social media platform that hits the ‘sweet spot’ at the intersection of two keys for good church communication. One, there is a clear purpose for the user – connecting with people in a conversational way. Two, there is alignment in the active users on Facebook with a large, important group of people in your church . It is a platform that works because it is built on a fundamental human longing – connectedness. Coach Jared Rendell will walk with you through some of the “why” and “who” of Facebook and a few basic ways you can use it well in your church.

You will learn:
  • How to decide if you should have a page or a group
  • Ways to increase interaction among followers
  • How to respond to unhelpful or inappropriate comments
  • How to grow your likes and your list of followers


For $99 you will receive:
Access to a landing page where you will 1) download one or more resources, 2) complete a form where you’ll share information about yourself and your ministry  and list specific questions or issues to be addressed during the session and 3) suggest times you’re available for a coaching session. 4)  A 60 minute conversation to get after YOUR questions with a Vibrant Faith Focal Point Coach.


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