Growing Deeper Relationships at Your Church


We all know that relationships matter in the formation of faith. But how much does your ministry actually on building rich and deep relationships for the sake of vibrant faith? This session explores where to dig in and get real traction in your people’s relationships with one another. Coach Tom Schwolert will ask great questions and lead you to focus your church on transforming relationships.

You will learn about:
  • The foundational elements for creating transforming relationships
  • Ways to deepen friendships among people of all ages and life stages
  • The places and processes for nurturing everyday relationships


For $99 you will receive:
Access to a landing page where you will 1) download one or more resources, 2) complete a form where you’ll share information about yourself and your ministry  and list specific questions or issues to be addressed during the session and 3) suggest times you’re available for a coaching session. 4)  A 60 minute conversation to get after YOUR questions with a Vibrant Faith Focal Point Coach.

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