Intergenerational Faith Formation | Fall Box Set


This Fall Box Set is part of our Intergenerational Faith Formation Session Plans, containing 6 sessions designed intentionally for multiple ages to share faith forming experiences together.  These twenty-four complete intergenerational experience session plans utilize faith-forming activities from VibrantFaith@Home to provide engaging, interactive, informative learning opportunities for all ages. Flexibly designed for use in large whole church gatherings, or easily adapted to smaller parent-child, or other intergenerational formats. Each session is seasonally based – Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring – and comes in MS Word(.doc) format so that it is easily adapted to your setting.

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The Fall Box Set consist of 6 faith forming intergenerational program plans.

All Saints, All Souls

Friends and family members who have gone before us form a cloud of saints that surrounds us. Our memories of them continue to remind us of God’s love. What does it mean to be a saint? Why pay attention to a particular saint? Learn some answers to these questions and choose your favorite saint to honor and emulate for a day.

Bible Stories for Life

Each Bible Story station in this session will expose you to a different Bible story that teaches something different about how live as a family, and how to navigate your life. Some Bible Story stations are more appropriate for younger families, while others are better for teen families and/or adults. Visit as many of them as you can!


Jesus drank water from an unlikely person. And, you’ll think about Jesus’ promise of living water. Saint Francis was born in Italy in the 12th century and became a faithful follower of Jesus. We remember Francis for his poverty, simplicity, and love of all of God’s creation. Learn about Francis and then choose one or two activities to help you further explore his life. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German pastor who was killed during World War II. Learn about his life, and listen to a piece of music that may have encouraged him when he was in prison.

Fear Not – Managing Stress & Anxiety

What does your family worry about most? By exploring Matthew 6:25-34 and other passages your family will explore what God has to say about worry. Life is full of challenges and changes. From starting school to moving to a new home, the way we adapt and move forward with change makes a difference.


This session works well just prior to Thanksgiving. It will allow participants to explore stories and events of their lives for which they are grateful, and in the spirit of the holiday, they will bring some good to others who are less fortunate.

The Living Word – Jesus

The Bible tells us that Jesus is God’s Word, made flesh. In other words, Jesus’ life and ministry are our best way of understanding God. These activities provide a way for families to become more familiar with the Bible and get to know some basics in a fun, interactive way.


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