Intergenerational Faith Formation | Winter Box Set


This Winter Box Set is part of our Intergenerational Faith Formation Session Plans, containing 6 sessions designed intentionally for multiple ages to share faith forming experiences together.  These twenty-four complete intergenerational experience session plans utilize faith-forming activities from VibrantFaith@Home to provide engaging, interactive, informative learning opportunities for all ages. Flexibly designed for use in large whole church gatherings, or easily adapted to smaller parent-child, or other intergenerational formats. Each session is seasonally based – Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring – and comes in MS Word(.doc) format so that it is easily adapted to your setting.

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The Winter Box Set consist of 6 faith forming intergenerational program plans.


It’s a time for waiting and preparation. In family groups, participants will talk about waiting, engage in a fun activity to help them prepare for the Christ child, and finally they will explore the Nativity in order to understand what really happened when Jesus comes as fragile baby, yet the one that would save the world.


In sharing with each other the story of our names and our Baptisms, we recall that Baptism identifies each of us as followers of Jesus and members of the worldwide community of Christ.

Power of Love

This session works well just prior to Valentine’s Day. The Bible has a lot to say about love. This session begins with a game that makes Scripture reading more fun that gets people counting and talking. Families can then choose which LOVE activities they want to do.

Race for Grace

Even more exciting than the reality show with a similar name (Amazing Race); this game will have your family diving into the Holy Word while remembering exactly what God’s grace really is…amazing!

Relationships & Diversity

Relationships can be complicated. Often, a job description would be helpful to understand what a friend expects from us or what a family member needs from us. What God expects from relationships might be a good starting point for how we relate to each other.

Ways to Pray

Praying can seem like it’s quiet and private, but it doesn’t have to be. There are lots of ways to pray – out loud, silently, looking up, looking down, looking at each other, whispering, burning prayer papers, and so on. In this session we will explore several creative ways to pray.


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