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This activity plan is one of our Intergenerational Faith Formation Session Plans, designed intentionally for multiple ages to share faith forming experiences together.  It is one of a set of twenty-four complete intergenerational experience program plans utilize faith-forming activities from VibrantFaith@Home to provide engaging, interactive, informative learning opportunities for all ages. Flexibly designed for use in large whole church gatherings, or easily adapted to smaller parent-child, or other intergenerational formats. Each session is seasonally based – Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring – and comes in MS Word(.docx) format so that it is easily adapted to your setting.

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In Memorial

This session works well just prior to Memorial Day (May 30), as well as in anticipation of All Saints/All Souls Days (Nov 1-2). Generally, we don’t like to talk about death, especially within earshot of children. Yet, death is a part of life, and it’s important for all of us to learn healthy ways to think about, talk about it, and embrace our feelings about it. It’s also important for us to remember well those who we’ve loved and who have died. This session provides a great opportunity for the adult community to model to children and teens a healthy, faith-filled view of death.


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