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This activity plan is one of our Intergenerational Faith Formation Session Plans, designed intentionally for multiple ages to share faith forming experiences together.  It is one of a set of twenty-four complete intergenerational experience program plans utilize faith-forming activities from VibrantFaith@Home to provide engaging, interactive, informative learning opportunities for all ages. Flexibly designed for use in large whole church gatherings, or easily adapted to smaller parent-child, or other intergenerational formats. Each session is seasonally based – Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring – and comes in MS Word(.docx) format so that it is easily adapted to your setting.

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Relationships + Diversity

Relationships can be complicated. Often, a job description would be helpful to understand what a friend expects from us or what a family member needs from us. What God expects from relationships might be a good starting point for how we relate to each other.


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