MasterClass: Leading Faithful Innovation

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“Innovation” is a term not typically associated with religious institutions, which tend to be oriented toward conserving and maintaining tradition. Yet at its heart, the Christian church is about innovation—embodying God’s new life, hope, and community for the world. It is time to claim this identity amidst powerful disruptive forces in today’s world. We live in a moment of profound social and cultural change fueled by digital technology, globalization, and the lingering impact of a worldwide pandemic. Organizations of all types are struggling to adapt to new patterns of belonging and participation. Many churches seem unsure what to do as established practices break down and people disengage. What does this mean for local churches that find their communal life eroding amid these seismic cultural shifts taking place? We look to Jesus, who relies upon the hospitality of the world as he embodies an alternative kingdom. 

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More About Rev. Dr. Dwight Zscheile

The Rev. Dr. Dwight Zscheile is Vice President of Innovation and Associate Professor of Congregational Mission and Leadership at Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Dwight has authored multiple books and essays on innovation, leadership, and adaptive change, working extensively with congregations, judicatory systems, and institutions of higher education. He’s an explorer, pursuing how our faith-informed imagination can shape our vision for the future.

You’ll receive a registration link in your purchase confirmation email.