Hybrid Spiritual Director/Coach Skills

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We’ll explore an approach to ministry that combines the discipline of spiritual direction with the discipline of coaching. Do you ever feel bogged down by the details and grind of ministry life? Do you long to recover the passion and spirituality that brought you to ministry in the first place? Do you long for a deeper relationship with Jesus and the people in your care? Are you feeling stuck in your leadership or have team members who are stuck? Most church leaders are at least aware of the disciplines of Spiritual Direction and Coaching and have a sense of the transformation they promise. But what are they really? How could spiritual direction and/or coaching help me as a ministry leader? What might they bring to our leadership teams, staff, and lay discipleship ministries? How might we engage these practices to help equip, sustain, and provide for spiritual depth for our leaders? In this course, we will explore the similarities and differences between coaching and spiritual direction and share stories and wisdom as to how they have helped us in our work and life. You will also experience both approaches and engage in group coaching around how you might use these practices in your ministry context.

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More About Rev. Erik Samuelson 

Rev. Erik Samuelson, PCC, is a Vibrant Faith Coach and Coaching School faculty member, who has served in a variety of contexts including as Director of Vocational and Spiritual Formation at Trinity Lutheran College in Everett, WA.  He brings experience and stories from transitional ministry, young-adult ministry, vocational discernment, culture and system change, ministry renewal, formation, and leadership development.