MasterClass: Post-Covid Shifts and the New Normal

$ 79.99

One of the (few!) positives of COVID was discovering we and our churches could adapt faster than we thought or knew. We simply had to. Most of us had assumed that the changes would be here for a while and then we would go back to normal, to how things were. But we were wrong. Change is the new normal, and it seems to be here to stay. The training many of us had was designed for church in a much more settled and stable world. This workshop will explore ministry in this new-normal. We will explore theological resources as guides—this is not the first time God’s people have adapted to a world in turmoil. And then, alongside that, we will give you some tools, practices, and practical skills to help navigate, adapt, respond and even enjoy this new environment.

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About Jonny Baker 

Jonny Baker has spent his life innovating, training, and enabling others to build entrepreneurial ministries out of what they see and imagine. He set up the Pioneer Training at Church Mission Society (CMS) in England, which has catalyzed all sorts of wonderful pioneering mission initiatives. He is Director of Mission at CMS in Britain. During the pandemic lockdown he wrote the full-color book Pioneer Practice and is looking forward to sharing some of the ideas and stories from that. The book is available from https://www.getsidetracked.co/ 

About Shannon Hopkins 

Shannon Hopkins is the co-founder and the Lead Cultivator of RootedGood, a nonprofit based in the U.S. that empowers institutions, social enterprises and entrepreneurs to create systemic change. A Texas native, in 2004 Shannon moved to London and founded the nonprofit Matryoshka Haus. In 2020, Matryoshka Haus became three organizations, including the U.S.-based RootedGood. Hopkins has launched or influenced the formation of 15 campaigns, projects, and organizations and trained over 200 social entrepreneurs. In 2008, Shannon was awarded the Women of the UN and the UK’s Annual Woman of Peace Award for “The Truth isn’t Sexy,” a campaign that addressed the demand side of human trafficking. 


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