MasterClass: The Engine of a Thriving Congregation: Living the Way of Jesus Together

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The American church is in the middle of a two-decade decline, and the angle of the slide is trending vertical as Gen Z moves fully into young adulthood. By every measure, religious engagement is weakening and a secular/neo-pagan norm is fast gaining traction in the culture. Ministry leaders and religious observers are worried about where this momentum is taking the church, and are scrambling to find solutions. The root cause is a church, like the sheep Jesus compares us to, that has wandered away from “the way of Jesus.” We have edited Him to fit our unexamined expectations and preferences. When this happens, God’s pruning shears come out. In this course we’ll dive into ways the church has subtly edited Jesus, and experience together many practical ways to shift our congregational practices to re-focus on renewal. We’ll explore what living the way of Jesus looks like in our contemporary context. 

About Rick Lawrence 

Rick is Executive Director of Vibrant Faith, and an award-winning author, journalist, cultural researcher, editor, and national speaker. He creates and leads interactive training for church and cultural leaders, parents, and teenagers and creates interactive online training courses. He’s authored hundreds of magazine articles and is the author, co-author, or editor of 40 books and curriculums. He’s the general editor of the #1 bestselling Jesus-Centered Bible, the recently released devotional Jesus-Centered Daily, and his latest book (co-authored with Dr. Daniel Emina) titled The Suicide Solution. In early 2024 his next book, Editing Jesus: The Last Temptation of the Church, will be published. He created and hosts the popular podcast Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus, now in its seventh year. Rick is married to Beverly Rose and has two daughters, Lucy Rose and Emma Grace. 

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