Visual Faith Project Annual Subscription

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Welcome to the Visual Faith Project. To learn more about the project before you purchase, visit this page.

An annual subscription to the Visual Faith Project offers:
– Access to the Visual Faith Image Database, an ever-growing collection of more than 2700 images available for use with your subscription
– Access to every new images we curate for the life of your active subscription
– Access to the Visual Faith Community Library – a set of videos, documents, and ministry application ideas
– A set of training and learning emails to get you up to speed and using the methodology
– Downloadable images for use in a variety of settings and devices
– Early learning opportunities for ongoing research findings

The subscription method is the most valuable way to use the project, as you get access to the entire database of images with your subscription.  This subscription style of access is great for almost any application – preaching, group discussion & facilitation, Christian education, personal devotions, experience debriefing, and more.

Individual subscriptions allow access for a single individual. Team subscriptions provide access to anyone within a team, organization, or church.


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The Visual Faith methodology has deep and wide application in multiple ministry models and practices. The idea is not necessarily to do something new, but rather to embed and apply the methodology in multiple ministry settings. Scripture must lead in creating spiritual transformation in individuals and in faith communities. We’re continuing to learn about the power of images as a facilitator for deep, meaningful Scripture engagement.

This project offers ministry leaders access to a database of highly-curated and intently themed images to use in any way you find to apply the methodology. Currently, there are more than 2500 images ready to be used, and this database is ever-growing. The project is a conversation and a community of practice. We’ve already begun the conversation in digital space using #VisualFaith. Leaders who engage with the project with also receive a series of emails and videos laying out multiple ways to embed and apply the Visual Faith methodology in daily ministry in your faith community.

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