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Try out these products and resources to get started with Vibrant Faith

The Visual Faith Project

Image Card Packs
Youth Pack – $39.99
People Pack – $39.99
Kids Pack 1 – $39.99
Kids Pack 2 – $39.99
Assorted Pack A – $39.99
Assorted Pack B – $39.99

Online Image Database
Visual Faith Image Database – $150.00


Intergenerational Faith Formation Set – $99.00
Seasonal Box Sets – $29.99 each
Single Session Lessons – $7.99

FREE Resources and Services

Check us out these FREE options we offer

– A FREE 30-min Coaching Consultation Phonecall
– Resources on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
– Catalyst – our FREE Online Community

Vibrant Faith Catalyst

When you join Catalyst, you gain access to:

FREE Wednesday Webinars (starting in April)
30+ FREE Visual Faith Lesson Experiences
50+ FREE Coaching Resources
50+ FREE Tools for Leaders
30+ FREE Faith Formation Resources
50+ FREE Resources for Intergenerational Ministry
Weekly discussion on relevant issues
A community of support and idea-sharing


Looking for Events to Attend?

These events are hosted and run by the Vibrant Faith Team and partners. 

Leading Well Retreats

These four-day events include both elements of training and retreat experiences and are open to anyone in leadership. Registration prices range from $675 – $975 (dependent on housing).

Leading Well Retreat in Florida – every January
Leading Well Retreat in Arizona – every November

Vibrant Faith Coaching School

This five-day program is for individuals who wish to receive training in the International Coaching Federation coaching competencies through our program. Participants must apply. Tuition starts at $3000.


A Special 2020 Symposium

Stay tuned for a special 2020 Symposium to honor the work and services of our amazing Vibrant Faith team-member John Roberto. We will eventually release the information about this event.
Contact for questions.

Looking for Quick Training for you and your team?

These short-term trainings are online and accessible for busy leaders hoping to improve in specific areas of their ministry.


MasterClasses on Catalyst

Each course includes one live online presentation, two opportunities for Q&As with the instructor, and resources related to the MasterClass topic. Each MasterClass costs $50.00.

March 2020
Forming Faith through Life’s Milestones
with Debbie Streicher
Generations Growing in Faith Together with Dr. Kathie Amidei

April 2020
Emerging Issues in Adolescent Faith Formation with Michael Droege

May 2020
What a Family Needs to Grow in Faith with Leif Kehrwald
Pathways to Faith Maturity with Rev. Kathy Pittenger

June 2020
Working with Teams as a Leader with Jim Merhaut
Using Visual Faith in Your Ministry with Dr. Nancy Going



Looking for Long-Term Growth and Support?

Vibrant Faith Coaching provides coaches to walk alongside you, your leaders, your team, and your congregation to guide and consult in your specific areas of need. 

Coaching for Leaders

Our coaches work directly with pastors and leaders of churches and organizations and/or with cohorts of leaders.

Length of Coaching: 1 month – 1 year
Cost: $100-200 per hour
Types of Coaching: online, phone, on-site


Coaching for Teams

Our coaches work directly with ministry teams and groups of leaders or congregants.

Length of Coaching: 1 month – 1 year
Cost: $200-400 per month
Types of Coaching: online, phone, on-site


Coaching for Churches

Our coaches work directly with entire congregations.

Length of Coaching: 3 months – 1 year
Costs: $1500-7500
Types of Coaching: online, phone, on-site

The Seasons of Lifelong Faith Formation Cohort

An eight-month online learning cohort that includes a four-month online guided workshop program and four months of online cohort coaching—all designed to help you create and implement lifelong faith formation.

Part 1. Guided Workshop Program (4 months)
– March 11 Live Presentation: The Practices of Lifelong Faith Formation (12-1:30 pm ET)
– April 16 Live Clinic: Developing a Lifelong Faith Formation Plan (12-1:30 pm ET)
– May 13 Live Presentation: Leadership for Lifelong Faith Formation (12-1:30 pm ET)
– June 10 Live Clinic: Practices and Skills for Adaptive Leadership (12-1:30 pm ET)

Part 2. Cohort Coaching (4 months)
Monthly group meetings (date and time determined with group) with a coach to guide you in applying the lifelong faith formation plan to your congregation and in putting your leadership plan into action:
– August Cohort Coaching Session 1
– September Cohort Coaching Session 2
– October Cohort Coaching Session 3
– November Cohort Coaching Session 4

Tuition The tuition for the entire program is $800 for the 8 months. Through a generous donation from a Vibrant Faith supporter, we can provide each participant with a $400 scholarship.

Registration To apply for the program please send an email directly to John Roberto, program coordinator, at

 If you have questions or would like to connect us about these programs and services, email us at
We look forward to talking to you about how we can help cultivate Vibrant Faith together.

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