Specialized Faith Formation

Children, Family, Adults, and Intergenerational

Specialized Faith Formation Courses

Specialized Faith Formation Courses focus on one element of lifelong faith formation—intergenerational, family, children, adult, missional, and digital—and will help you develop in-depth knowledge, practices, and skills for designing faith formation for the whole congregation. You will design strategies, programs, and activities to implement in your church.

Specialized Courses include 4 sessions—2 online live presentations and 2 self-paced learning sessions—and are offered monthly except for July and August.

Tuition is $150 per course. There is one book for each course for an additional cost.
Each course includes a participant project that applies the learning from the course to the leader’s church.


Family Faith Formation (January 2019)

Instructor:  Jolene Roehlkepartain – Founder and President of Ideas to Ink; Author, Educator. (MBA University of St. Thomas)
Live Presentations 
on January 16 and January 30, 2019 at 12 noon Eastern Time (90 minutes each)
Required Reading:  Families at the Center of Faith Formation.  Leif Kehrwald, John roberto, Jolene Roehlkepartain, and Gene Roehlkepartain. Cheshire, CT:  Lifelong Faith Associates, 2016.  (Order at www.lifelongfaith.com)

The Family Faith Formation course explores how parents and the family are the single most important influence on religious transmission and faith practice. Discover how to use eight foundational strategies for family faith formation: 1) discovering God in everyday life, 2) forming faith at home through the life cycle, 3) forming faith through milestones, 4) celebrating seasonal events through the year, 5) encountering God in the Bible through the year, 6) connecting families intergenerationally, 7) developing a strong family life, and 8) empowering parents and grandparents as faith formers. Learn how to design and implement one or more strategies to create new or enhanced programming that engages families at church, at home, and in the community.



Children’s  Faith Formation (February, 2019)

Instructor:  Tanya Eustace Campen – United Methodist Deacon; Asst. Director Intergenerational Ministry, Texas Rio Annual Conference UMC. (Ph.D. Christian Education, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary)
Live Presentations on February 13 and February 27, 2019 at 12 noon Eastern Time (90 minutes each)
Required Reading:  Faith Formation with a New GenerationJohn Roberto with Lisa Brown, Tanya eustace Campen, Lynn Barger Elliott, and Lee Yates.  Cheshire, CT:  Lifelong Faith Associates, 2018.  (Order at www.lifelongfaith.com)

The Children and Adolescent Faith Formation course explores the unique life tasks, needs, interests, and spiritual journeys of children and adolescents; guides the application of effective practices and approaches for faith formation with children and adolescents; and facilitates the design of a faith formation plan for the first two decades of life with programs, activities, and strategies. Learn how to integrate digitally enabled methods, practices, and approaches into faith formation with children and adolescents.


Adult Faith Formation (March 2019)

Instructor:  Janet Schaeffler O.P. – Adult Education Consultant, Instructor, and Author (M.A. Religious Studies, Detroit-Mercy University)
Live Presentations on March 13 and March 27, 2019 at 12 noon Eastern Time (90 minutes each)
Required Reading:  The Seasons of Adult Faith Formation.  Dorothy Lnthicum, Jim Merhaut, Kyle Oliver, Janet Schaeffler, and John Roberto.  Cheshire, CT:  Lifelong Faith Associates, 2015.  (Order at www.lifelongfaith.com)

The Adult Faith Formation course explores the characteristics and spiritual-religious identifies of four stages of adulthood: young adults, midlife adults, mature adults, and older adults; guides the application of effective practices and approaches for faith formation at each stage of adulthood; and facilitates the design of a faith formation plan with programs, activities, and strategies for each stage of adulthood. Discover how to use the abundance of high quality resources and digital media—and the new digital tools and methods—in designing adult faith formation that engages every adult around their interests, concerns, questions, and spiritual-religious journeys.


Intergenerational Faith Formation (May, 2019)

Instructor:  Kathie Amidei – Pastoral Associate at St. Anthony on the Lake Parish, Pewaukee, WI; Author, Instructor. (Ph.D. Leadership, Cardinal Stritch University)
Live Presentations 
on May 1 and May 15, 2019 at 12 noon Eastern Time (90 minutes each)
Required Reading:  Generations Together: Learning, Praying, and Serving Faithfully.  Kathie Amidei, Jim Merhaut, and John roberto.  Cheshire, CT:  Lifelong Faith Associates, 2014.  (Order awww.lifelongfaith.com)

The Intergenerational Faith Formation course presents the role of the intergenerational faith community—community, worship, learning, praying, and serving—in developing vibrant faith in people of all generations by exploring the theory, research, and principles of intergenerational faith formation.  Discover practices and models for becoming an intentionally intergenerational faith community. Learn how to utilize intergenerational events and experiences, such as Sunday worship and church year seasons, to form faith in all ages. Develop strategies for connecting the generations through church life. Discover ways to infuse intergenerational relationships and experiences into existing age-group programs. Learn how to design new intergenerational programs  and experiences in learning, service, prayer, community life, and more.

The Foundations Program

“Faith Formation for the 21st Century”

The Foundations Program

“Faith Formation for the 21st Century”

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