Proven levers for strategic, transformational

ministry for vibrant faith in the 21st century

We invite you to join your fellow adaptive faith formation leaders and the Vibrant Faith team as we spend three days living in to the how-to’s of generating and sustaining a vibrant faith in Jesus Christ for today’s world.  We believe effective, transformational ministry will take focused work in three key arenas in the years ahead:

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Adaptive Leadership

Transforming Relationships

digital engagement

Use this year and these 3 key arenas to move your church toward vibrant faith. They follow the movements of God to bring new life to the church and its leaders:

  • A movement from event-based discipleship to whole-life discipleship.
  • A movement from formation as enlightenment to formation as relational attachment.
  • A movement from leadership as power to leadership as humble exploration.
  • A movement from “I teach you the faith” to faith forming tools are in my hand, almost all the time.  

 Move your church toward deep and vibrant faith.  

How to bring a summit to you

We invite you to join your fellow adaptive faith formation leaders and the Vibrant Faith team spending three days living in to the how-to’s of generating and sustaining a vibrant faith in Jesus Christ for today’s world.



A church, cluster of churches, synod, diocese, district, conference. or simply a body of Believers who choose pool resources to bring a Summit to their area.



A church, retreat or conference area with round tables, projector and screen. Hospitality and refreshments. Lunch each day. (For each of the 3 days.) Wireless internet preferred. Printed, ringed packets (we’ll provide the template and you print it).


Any Time! Pick any date when you feel you will get the best response and a Vibrant Faith facilitator is available. Each day can stand alone as a 9am-3pm workshop or spread it out in two days or choose to make 3 days just like the original!



Meet the Facilitators

Jim Ladoux

Jim Ladoux

Partner for Coaching

Tom Schwolert

Tom Schwolert

Partner for First Third Ministry

Jared Rendell

Jared Rendell

Partner for Digital Strategies

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