The Foundations Program

“Faith Formation for the 21st Century”

The Foundations Program

is an online approach to educating faith formation leaders. Each of the three interdependent parts of the program includes the following features:

  • Three online live presentations led by experts in the field of faith formation (presentations are recorded for those who cannot attend live)
  • Seven self-paced, dynamic online learning sessions with specially selected readings, videos, and online resources
  • An online learning community
  • Practical activities and resources to apply the knowledge, practices, and skills to faith formation in your congregation
  • A project that demonstrates your application of the knowledge, practices, and skills.

DATES: The Foundations FALL 2019 course is a year-long exploration, with a 10-week session beginning in January 2019, followed by two more 10-week sessions beginning in January and April 2020. 

COST: Tuition is $750 for the whole program (all three parts).
Books are an additional cost.

The Three Part Process

Part 1. Re-imagining Faith Formation

Part One presents the vision and practices for the five elements of the new faith forming ecology, which forms the foundation for developing a vibrant faith forming congregation in the 21st century. Discover how the new faith forming ecology 1) engages all generations intergenerationally; 2) nurtures family faith and equips parents to transmit faith at home; 3) promotes faith maturing in each life stage: children, youth, young adults, midlife adults, mature adults, and older adults; 4) develops missional outreach to the unaffiliated and uninvolved, and invites people into discipleship and participation in the faith community; and 5) utilizes digitally-enabled strategies in  faith formation.

Part 2. Designing Faith Formation

Part Two focuses on designing and implementing a lifelong faith formation plan to promote faith maturing from childhood through adulthood. Discover models and practices for becoming intentionally intergenerational and learn how to design intergenerational strategies, programs, and activities. Discover approaches and strategies for family and parent faith formation, and learn how to design faith formation for families and parents at home, at church, and online. Discover how to use 21st  century approaches and practices for designing faith formation for each life stage. Discover how to develop missional outreach and relationship building with the unaffiliated and uninvolved, and learn how to design pathways into discipleship and engagement in the faith community.

Part 3. Leading Faith Formation

Part Three presents an approach to Christian leadership that has two essential elements: internal (heart and soul) and external (practices and skills). Christian leaders cultivate their inner life by developing a spirituality that sustains and guides their leadership—centered in a personal mission that is informed by a living faith in Jesus Christ and his mission and ministry. Christian leaders develop their external life by learning the knowledge and skills for the effective practice of leadership in congregations and in the world.
Part Three guides leaders in 1) strengthening their inner life and spirituality; 2) applying contemporary leadership thinking and practices to congregational life: 3) developing the skills for effective leadership, and 4) learning the skills and processes for equipping leaders in the congregation.

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